Sunday, May 22

3 Years!

Happy Birthday today my sweet Sue!  (not using her real name of course ;) )

I truly cannot believe how quickly the past three years have gone.  I'm sure for you the first decade of life will pass by at a leisurely pace, since that's how I seem to recall it.  As you get older it really starts to fly by and then you find yourself telling your niece to enjoy her childhood while it's here :)  I now understand what Grandma meant when she would always tell me how she wanted to put a rock on my head to keep me from growing.  I remember telling her what a crazy idea that was, I *needed* to grow up.  From this side though it just goes to fast and you want it to slow down to enjoy every precious moment of a little one's first years.
I love how much you've learned this year! It's crazy sometimes to hear you chatting away, putting puzzles together, and watching you with your sister when it seems just like yesterday I was walking you around downstairs trying to let your mommy and papa get some sleep at night.  I love your big eyes and your sweet button nose.  I love listening to you sing the Wonder Pets theme song or "Your lipstick stains."  It was so fun to see a little girl get so excited about Christmas and the wonder of it all!  One of my favorite things was having you and Moo over and getting to be with you as you saw what the Easter Bunny brought you :)

You truly make me excited about getting to a Mommy someday, but for now I'm more than honored getting to be your aunt and watch you grow!  I'm looking forward to this summer and spending days off with you, Moo and mommy, it's gonna be a blast :)

Happy Birthday my Big Girl!  Hugs and Kisses, Aunt Redhead!

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