Monday, May 9

Bai Jia Bei

Or the 100 Good Wishes Quilt!
It is a tradition to make one in the northern part of China to welcome and celebrate a new life.  Family and friends are invited to contribute a piece of cloth that will make up the quilt.  Many people adopting their child from China create a quilt and scrapbook for their child.  They will ask those wanting to be a part of the tradition to send/give a certain size piece of material (like 10x10 or 8x8) and then also a smaller piece of the same fabric attached to scrapbook page that contains that person's wish for the new child.  The quilt is meant to be passed down for generations, and the scrapbook is a wonderful way for the child to see how much they were loved and thought of before they were even part of the family.
I cannot wait to do this for my own child someday (soon!!!)

Click here to see a finished quilt.

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