Tuesday, May 31

End of May

Well end of the first month blogging here :)  I hope that what I included gave you a little taste of what I spent probably the first two weeks or so looking into.

Right now it's just hard to think that my daughter has probably already been born and for whatever reason her birth parents made the difficult decision to abandon her.  I hope that they have some peace in their heart that God can place knowing that I will do my best to give her the life they felt they couldn't.  That I will love her unconditionally and in a way that only a mommy can love their child.  It's difficult to think of her living in a S.WI or even fo.ster home, because that means she's not here with me.  At this time it really makes all those purchases that were a "must have" insignificant now, but I still have to pay for them.  Which just keeps me away from her that much longer :(

So I have to give it all to God and let Him take care of her for now and keep her in my prayers and heart until I can be the one caring for her.  I would truly appreciate any prayers or thoughts for us right now :)  (well, all the time ;) )

I plan on continuing blogging about China and adoption in general, but will try to add more personal posts as well.  It's probably not *all* that exciting yet, and hopefully that will change once I can actually get the process rolling.  Of course you can always check out the blogs I have on my blog roll, as they are in the process, or already have their children home.  That means you can read their whole journey if you'd like.  But maybe that's only what adoption obsessed people do ;)

If you have any suggestions or input for further posts just go ahead and put it in the comments and I'll see what I can do for ya :)  Thanks for reading so far!!!

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  1. Even though I am just now commenting- I have been praying from the beginning (& will continue to pray). God knows your heart & He knows the baby he has for you. I love you, Honey!


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