Saturday, May 7

Finding Ad

Also known as the Chinese Orphan Announcement.
After a child is found abandoned the Chin.ese government announces it by placing an ad in the local newspaper.  By law it is required to appear in the newspaper for three days.  If the parents who abandoned their child changes their mind they can go claim their child.  It usually states their gender, approximate age, where they were found, and what they were wearing when they were found.  Of course it is also accompanied by a picture of the little one.
For the adopting parents, if they can find the ad, it may be the earliest photo they will have of their child.  It is also an important part of the child's past, and would be a great addition to their Life Book. 

Click here to see an actual ad.

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  1. Wow!! I didn't know that:) learn something new everyday:). Wonder if that counts for my new thing today (Tues) or yesterday-since it's 12:30am? :)


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