Friday, May 20

Happy First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby Moo!  (not her real name of course!)
It's here already, isn't it?!?  One year ago I received the call that you had entered the world and I rushed to get your big sister up from her nap and down to the hospital to meet you.  Of course you know you came home on her second birthday, but I blame that on your mommy and papa, you didn't have a say in when you'd be born ;)
You were such an easy going baby that mommy and papa didn't need my help as much as they did when they were new parents.  You are such a sweet heart that I love getting to spend time with you.  Over last summer I loved putting you in the sleepy wrap and wearing you.  You'd fall asleep shortly after being snuggled in and would wake up with a sweaty little head.
I don't know how it's possible but your eyes seem even bigger than your sister's, and are just as adorable to look at.  I love your hair, and how it seems to be turning an auburn color ;)  Of course my favorite part of your first year is when you said my name!!!!  Your sister was a stinker and would refuse to say it, but you say it and wave at me and just fill my heart with joy :)
I'm so blessed to get to be your Godmother, and love how you and your Godsister (I guess?) have one name in common.  Especially since it was the name I *loved* when I was little, and planned on using for my daughter when I grew up.
I can't wait to see what's in store for you this coming year!
I love you my sweet little baby girl!  Hugs and Kisses Aunt RedHead!

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