Thursday, June 2

Heat Miser

Ugh, I am not ready for summer!  OK, not ready for the heat and sunburns that seem to accompany it.  I have the ceiling fans whirring and the A/C chugging to keep me comfortable inside.

I didn't actually get as many posts done as I wanted to last month.  I was writing them ahead of time and then posting at a pre-deteremined time, but then that meant I didn't get any meaty posts in.  You know the ones that talk about agencies and Gotcha! Day.  So if my computer cooperates with me that is what I would like to try to work on for this month.

I'm not actually any farther on this path to an actual adoption.  I am working on some pretty big decisions right now though and once I am sure of them and where I will be going with them I will share here.  I'm pretty excited about them, even though once again I could be going a new direction, but I'm ready for the journey.  So I will continue to pray and plan :)

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