Monday, August 29

Labor Day

While I will be working the afternoon of the Monday holiday, we'll be celebrating with the S side of the family on Sunday afternoon.  Just thinking of all of the upcoming holidays makes me so excited to think that hopefully soon I will be sharing these days with my own little family.  I love traditions, holidays, vacations and can not wait to share them with my child(ren).  I think it's one of the reasons that I want to be a mom, to introduce them to and enrich their lives with traditions.  Especially because I loved my own childhood so much and hope to provide the same euphoric feeling for my own children as they grow.

Holidays at both grandparents were beloved, and equally different.  On the S side I'm the eldest grandchild, and I have to say I've very much enjoyed it.  Most of my aunts and uncles on that side were still very young when I came into the world, so whenever I came over I always felt there were plenty of people to play with.  There was my uncle the Octopus, who I can still remember giggling with on the kitchen floor as I struggled to escape from as he would tighten his grip and tickle until I claimed I had to use the bathroom.  The aunt who when my sister and I saw B.arbie's Ice Cream Parlor set in a department catalog, she worked with our imagination to make our very own set which was so much better than the version.  The uncle who would let me play olympic games on his computer.  I can still imagine them now, and can't believe how far along games have come.  Aunts and Uncles who would take me down to the park to swing or help me hang from monkey bars.  Aunts who loved playing Pict.ionary and Tri.vial P.ursuit with me, especially as I got older.  Playing with them and my younger cousins now reminds me of doing all this with them when I was the younger ones' ages.  I can also remember the polka music Grandpa would be listening to and getting to be his Poopie Doo #1.  I loved playing Cop.s and Ro.bbers board game with Grandma and knowing that her cookie jar with silver lid was always full of homemade cookies and a glass of cherry Ko.ol Aid wouldn't be far behind.  I enjoyed playing hide and seek as well as playing the piano and pretending the sound was a beautiful symphony. 

Then there are the holidays.  Where most everyone tries to attend and Grandma and Grandpa's feels as much as home as the ones I grew up in did.  Where you always feel comfortable and enjoy taking it all in and relishing these times we have with each other.  Where you can't imagine it being any other way.  Again I appreciate being the eldest grandchild, and having so many cousins to get to be apart of their lives.  I love getting to do the things that my aunts and uncles had once done with me with their kids.  Taking them to the park, playing board games, and just talking and remembering how things have been since I was little.  Christmas will have to have it's very own post during December, as it is my favorite time of year.
I just love getting to be part of this family and have been so fortunate to have both sides full of love and wonderful memories.  Like a broken record, I can not wait to bring a child into this family and share them with everyone.

Even though this holiday won't be at Grandma and Grandpa's house, it will still be home because it's with family!!!
(I know I just prattled on and just hope this made some kind of sense ;) )

Sunday, August 21

Whistlin' While I Work

Okay, so maybe more of singing along to 80's tunes while I work ;)  I've got laundry going, dishes done, and the upstairs bathroom cleaned.  You know the good 'ol every week work.  I also moved a lot of boxes that mom and dad had brought over from last year back to their house.  Now with Dad's help and the SUV we can move back the rest of their boxes, their furniture, and the things that don't quite fit in my sedan.  I also cleaned out the fridge today, which left a nice light scent of vinegar behind and a sparkling inside.  Now I need to get my scrapbooking things all taken out of the closet and move them to the basement so when I feel like taking a few more car loads I can take those along with more boxes I've already filled.

Last week I went through the kitchen and took everything that I can get by without over to the house.  I know it all needs to be pared down to make the house then look and feel bigger.  Tonight I'm going to go through the three bedrooms (or as much as I can) and box things up.  Tomorrow we'll be buying some baseboards, and staining of said baseboards as well as other wood items we picked up last week, so that Dad and I can get them installed hopefully Tuesday.  I also need to get crackin' on my favorite part of the property---the great outdoors, ugh!  At least it's not as miserable as it had been when I started deweeding last month, but now I get to contend with pollen allergies :(

When I'm to the point when there is no more packing and no more painting I will be one happy girl!  At least there's a big goal at the end of all of this work, I just wish I knew exactly when this part of the journey would be done.  Then I could circle it on the calendar and think I just need to work on this part of the project until this date.  However I know a lot things from here on out aren't going to be easy peasy as in knowing a date for something that I can know that's the finite timeline.  I hear babies don't work that way ;)

Okay, back to the singing while I work.  Those boxes don't pack, transport and unpack themselves you know :)

Monday, August 8

I Promise. . .

. . .that this blog will be more exciting in the future ;)

I do have something to share right now though.  We are going to start our multigenerational home at Mom and Dad's.  There definitely is more space there!  I will move back into my original room, and Katie's original bedroom will become the hopefully eventual baby's room.  The original family room, now formal dining room, will be turning into a play room!  A place for all the toys to hang out and for Mom to watch the girls, and my eventual child(ren) to play and be a kid.

For now though it means selling my home.  I am hoping to meet up with a realtor by the end of this month.  Just need to get mom and dad's stuff that is downstairs right now back to their house so they can get it moved where they want it.  Then clean the basement and garage.  Do some finishing touches in the third room and wax the wood floors.

During this time I will also be dealing with the emotional side of selling a home and having to see it as just a house to do a business transaction with.  It is already hard enough emotionally to move out of a place I have called home for the past three years, but add onto that it was my grandparent's home for all of my life.  It will be hard when it comes to the actual day, losing the physicality of this special place.  Luckily I know it will never lose it's special place in my heart.  That no one will be able to take or sell my most precious memories of all the fun I had there.  Listening to my Grandpa tell the stories of his life, even if he told the same one more than once ;)  Grandma busily cooking for the holidays and her delicious Christmas pies.  Spending the night with my younger sister and getting to dress up in Grandma's slips and nightgowns and wear jewelry and thinking we were all decked out for a special occasion, walking up and down the hallway.  Going down to the basement and playing with my cousins, especially on Christmas Day after opening presents and tummies full of yummy food.  Or after a day full of running around outside, sitting and watching my uncles light off fireworks in the street in front of the house.  The memories and images are endless and I'm ever so thankful that I was blessed with them.

For now I'm  just hoping the house will sell fast and for a decent price, and that I can move forward with the next phase in my life.  That will be where this blog becomes a little (okay, a lot) more interesting!