Sunday, August 21

Whistlin' While I Work

Okay, so maybe more of singing along to 80's tunes while I work ;)  I've got laundry going, dishes done, and the upstairs bathroom cleaned.  You know the good 'ol every week work.  I also moved a lot of boxes that mom and dad had brought over from last year back to their house.  Now with Dad's help and the SUV we can move back the rest of their boxes, their furniture, and the things that don't quite fit in my sedan.  I also cleaned out the fridge today, which left a nice light scent of vinegar behind and a sparkling inside.  Now I need to get my scrapbooking things all taken out of the closet and move them to the basement so when I feel like taking a few more car loads I can take those along with more boxes I've already filled.

Last week I went through the kitchen and took everything that I can get by without over to the house.  I know it all needs to be pared down to make the house then look and feel bigger.  Tonight I'm going to go through the three bedrooms (or as much as I can) and box things up.  Tomorrow we'll be buying some baseboards, and staining of said baseboards as well as other wood items we picked up last week, so that Dad and I can get them installed hopefully Tuesday.  I also need to get crackin' on my favorite part of the property---the great outdoors, ugh!  At least it's not as miserable as it had been when I started deweeding last month, but now I get to contend with pollen allergies :(

When I'm to the point when there is no more packing and no more painting I will be one happy girl!  At least there's a big goal at the end of all of this work, I just wish I knew exactly when this part of the journey would be done.  Then I could circle it on the calendar and think I just need to work on this part of the project until this date.  However I know a lot things from here on out aren't going to be easy peasy as in knowing a date for something that I can know that's the finite timeline.  I hear babies don't work that way ;)

Okay, back to the singing while I work.  Those boxes don't pack, transport and unpack themselves you know :)

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