Saturday, September 3

Are you ready for some Football?!!!

Ehhh. . .

I know there are throngs of people out there who would shout an enthusiastic "YES!" to the old question.  For me however, it doesn't really affect me either way.  To me football means school is back in session, tv is taken over for  few nights each week on several channels covering everything from high school to pro, and that the smell of Autumn is not too far behind.  While you won't find me huddled by the tv screen waiting with bated breath and wearing my lucky socks praying for my team to win, I'm not opposed to the sport either.  I do find I have a loyalty to my alma mater for high school (and since my college team is no more. . .) and of course the good 'ol Bugeaters ;)  I hope they win each week, feel sorry for them when they don't, and wear their apparel.

What I remember loving most about football is memories from when I was little.  Going over to Grandma and Grandpa B's and the smell of chili simmering wafting through the house.  The sounds of the game drifting into their bedroom as I took a nap in the middle of bed snuggled up to B (my doll.)  The commercials about "good neighbors" and waiting for the station identification.  Any time I hear those now on the radio during a game, especially if we are listening at work ;), it takes me back to the feeling of comfort and warmth.

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