Sunday, October 2

2 Coats Down

1 to go!

I should be going to bed now, but since I got a second wind I need to wind down.  So, I'll write out a story and put myself to sleep ;)

This past Tuesday I met with my Realtor and went over what would need to be done with the house, what she will be doing for me, and of course the comps in the area to give me a figure for listing the house at.  Main things being bringing it up to FHA/VA loan standards.  Like making sure the oven (that I only got to use for the first six months living here) works, no chipped or peeling paint outside, and making (for lack of a better word since my brain isn't exactly functioning on all cylinders right this moment) a banister for the porch out back.  Then updates and the such to bring in the most bang for the buck (I'm willing to spend ;) ) like new carpeting downstairs, painting the paneling down there white, silver knobs for the bathroom vanity, and removing the old paint that was uncovered on one of the bedrooms wood floors.  Luckily Dad still had the bar remnants in the garage and was able to put it back up, making the patch of carpetless floor downstairs obsolete--whoo hoo Daddy!  I've spent the time since I got home from work until midnight prepping and painting the paneling white.  I just don't understand why someone doesn't want multi-colored panels--hello it was a creative space for scrapbooking (or was supposed to be ;) )?  Mom even came over and spruced up the front yard a bit with her spray painting skills--thanks Mommy :)

Originally there was going to be two weeks I gave myself and Dad ;) to get all the work accomplished before listing.  Then my Realtor sent me an e-mail on Friday night, but due to my computer being a brat I couldn't get to until 6 this morning.  In it she said that one of the buyer's on her team (she's an exclusive seller's agent and she has three exclusive buyers agents) has a prospective buyer who is looking for some aspects of a home that mine has to offer.  So she would like to try to get them through this weekend.  So now it's a push for me to get it at least presentable by tomorrow (you know doing laundry, regular cleaning, cleaning up from projects around the house, etc) and at this moment I don't even know when they want to come through.  Hopefully they'll be a call tomorrow morning with a time that is good.  Then hopefully if they are the right buyers they'll make an offer, it can be accepted, everything goes perfect and it's sold before December.  I know it's not likely, but a girl can dream, or at least be optimistic right? :)

Have a wonderful Fall Weekend and Happy October!!

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