Saturday, October 8

Apparently. . .

I will need to win the lottery in order to afford to sell my house, or so it feels.

The couple who came in the house said that the upstairs was cute and the garage was big, but with no real updates they found other homes in the same price range that had the updates.  Looks like it will be a tough sale for the price I wanted to put it at originally (you know the price that I would either be able to walk to closing with no money or up to around a thousand.) Now it looks like I would probably have to take at least 6,000 clams that I just do not have. Ugh, which puts me between a rock and a hard place :(  I have got to do a better job of giving it to God!

Trying to figure out what to do and wishing that this would have at least been the easy part.  Ugh, stinkin' economy!

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