Friday, October 28

The Sign's in the Yard!

Wednesday the Realtor came over.  We signed papers, she took pictures and measurements and as of yesterday I was listed.

Today a sign has appeared in my yard and a lock box on the front door.  It feels a little strange to come home to a home that has all the very real details of  a home for sale.  There was even a showing while I was at work today.  Thank you Dad for doing a run through before they came.  My realtor has this site set up that asks the selling agent a few questions after their tour.  It has already been filled out and I could see the results online.  Not the buyer for my house.  He was looking for a big garage, but the layout wasn't for him.  He did say that the living room and kitchen were big draws.  And the selling agent said he thought the listing price was right for what he's seen on the market so far.  So I'll take those good things and hope the house sells as fast as the Walker's ;)

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  1. I don't think ANYONE'S house can sell as fast as the Walker's!


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