Tuesday, December 6

It's the Holiday Season. . .

. . .and Santa Claus will be here in less time then it took me to write since the last entry :(  Sorry about that!
There have been quite a few people in and out of the house looking, just not the right buyers yet.  But boy does the house stay clean!  Not that it doesn't on a normal basis, but I can't let things pile up until my weekend and then straighten up and clean then.  I'm glad it's just me that I have to get ready for work in the morning.  It takes enough time to make sure everything's show ready and opened up before I leave, I'm glad I don't have to worry about getting kids out and about too.

The depressing part is not being able to decorate the house for Christmas :(  Yes, I know Christmas will come and still be the same regardless what the house looks like, but it's different.  Mom would always have our house all set up for us to enjoy the whole Christmas season.  I remember in the old house the first floor was just the family room and it was set up with the fake fire place and one of the trees.  My sisters and I loved when the only lights in the room were the colored ones illuminating the ornaments on the tree and the red candellabra that was plugged in near the "fireplace".  We loved taking our dolls down there to sit on the couch and look at the wonder that filled the room.  That memory always warms my soul and reminds me to slow down and enjoy it all while it's here.  In my apartment I loved to spend one night, after watching a Christmas movie, with my Robert's egg nog in hand curled on the couch just looking at the tree sparkling while Christmas music played in the background.  Hey, after spending that time to decorate the tree I was going to enjoy it ;)

Last year I think I finally had it down to where what trees would go where (yes, there was a tree in every room upstairs) and where all my decor would reside for years to come.  Well, that's what I get for thinking I had it all figured out :)   This year I'm putting up one tree (the Disney tree) in the playroom, and another one is already up in my room (my Hallmark tree).  Still have one more tote to bring over from the house and set up.

I think it's just sad for me knowing that this is the first year in the house's whole life that its halls won't be decked out.  I am bringing back over a small pre-lit (and on a timer) tree.  I'll probably also put my led candlesticks as well to put in the windows.  What it all boils down to every season is getting to spend time with my loved ones and enjoying each moment I have with them.  It may seem cliche and corny, but hey I'm a corny, sappy girl ;)

P.S. someone is coming today to look at the house--so cross your fingers, say a little prayer, or do a home selling dance that these are *the* people for my home.

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