Sunday, January 29

Feeling More Real

Tuesday night as I was grabbing the mail at the end of the driveway and as I started to look up to the stars in the dark cool night, I saw it.  It wasn't there earlier in the day, but since coming home from Mom and Dad's there it was.  The Sold sign had been bagged over the for sale sign.  I knew that it would be coming, so it wasn't too much of a shock to the system.  Still, a little sad though.

The lady went through the house on Thursday while I was at work.  She has up to seven working days before the report is required to be done.  For this loan inspection we will find out if the house appraised at or above the purchase price (but not the exact amount they appraised it for).  Also whatever they find not up to par, so to speak, I will have to have fixed in order for them to approve his loan, and therefore the sale of the house. Fingers crossed all goes well in that respect.

Thursday night after coming home from work, once again I was grabbing my mail.  There were two pieces of mail that made this process seem a little too real.  There was the buyer's name on two pieces of mail, both from probably his home insurance company.  That I wasn't ready for.  That hurt my heart to see another name with my address. That didn't feel quite right, having mail at my house while I still own it for another month.  I'm sure it was just sent since that the home that he is going to need to insure, but still painful to the current owner.

I looked through some boxes that I had packed up and at Mom and Dad's to find the adoption books that I had purchased, but had not yet read.  So Mom is reading one, while I have the other one at the house and read.  It's nice to have my own little book club so we can discuss what we read, and it's nice to know another main child care giver will have read up on the same things I have too :)  Thanks Mom!  Now I'll just have to look for other recommendations of books to read about international adoption and/or special needs adoption.

Tuesday, January 24


I just noticed on Sunday that my house went on the market on October 27th and the closing date is set for February 27th.  Maybe there's something to this number 27.  So I just plugged in "bible verse, 27" into the old search engine right now and guess what the first result sent me to?  1 Samuel 1:27.

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."

Chills ran over my body and tears began to sting my eyes.  So, I'm moving onto the second result that pulls up a web page (I'm doing this all real time right now, because I figure maybe it means I'm suppose to pay attention to this number.)  Second verse is James 1:27.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

Orphans and being granted a child that is prayed for to Him.  He really does move in mysterious ways!!!  Next bible verse is from Genesis 1:27.

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."

We are all created in His image, we are all His children.  No matter where we come from or look like we are all His!

How very cool and. . .well I have no words to describe it really.  So I guess instead of looking to the cookie, we should be looking to the bible :)

Sunday, January 22

One More Inspection To Go!

After plumbers fixing the small leak in the main water line and a brand spanking new furnace, the buyer was willing to forgo having me ground all the outlets and other small electrical work.  Now I just have to hope that the other inspector doesn't feel anything major needs to be fixed/completed, because they will be non-negotiables in order to finalize the sale of the house.  The "Sold" sign bag should be gracing the front yard at any time now.  Guessing I won't need to use my front load washer and dryer for negotiations and they are not being sold with the house.  I'll wait until the house makes it through the loan approval inspection and closer to the closing date to selling them.

Had a wonderful evening with my eldest niece last night.  She was so excited about spending the night at my house.  Even more excited about getting to "picnic" in my living room and enjoy a lunchable with chocolate pudding (her request ;) ).  We watched "Sleeping The Beauty" and spent most of the movie dancing, using our finger wands and saying "make it pink" (her favorite) and "make it blue" (my favorite) and giggling.  Ahhh, I love being an aunt :)  Especially at her age of 3 1/2.  Her and the middle one will have a blast in WDW this summer and I plan to be there to witness the magic through their eyes!

Saturday, January 14


Well they came with their inspection offer.  I will have some professionals over at the house at the beginning of the week to see if what the inspection officer found is in actual need of repairs/replacements.  Nothing I can do about it, it is what it is.  Letting God deal with that for the weekend.  Then I'll be putting together a counter sometime in the next few days.  Then it will just be waiting to see if they accept the counter, and what the loan inspection uncovers.

Perhaps you would like to see a couple more blogs of families either in or recently returned from adopting their child from China.  If so you can click here and here.  Enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 11

Home Inspection

Today was the home inspection that the buyer had done.  Haven't heard anything today about it.  There will still be another inspection done for the type of loan the buyer is using.  If anything is found needed to be done from the loan inspection, that will have to be fixed. We'll see how it goes :)

Adoption In China Right Now

Maybe you'd like to see a blog where someone is actually going to get their new family member(s).  Please see this site for a mother and daughter who went to pick up their two new daughters/sisters.  Click Here :)

Monday, January 9

House Offer #2

Well on Saturday, after looking at the house one more time, that guy came back and made another offer.  He was able to get a good financial backer and came in a little lower than what my counter offer was for.  It was for some things around the house that he knew would come up in the home inspection that he would repair/fix/update after he buys the house.  So now it's on to waiting for the home inspection and praying there are no major issues that will need to be addressed.  Of course I won't feel completely comfortable until after all the paperwork is done and the house is no longer officially in my name.

It's a mixture of sadness that I won't be able to raise my children there, and happiness that I will get to start the next chapter of life to get things in order to start my own family.

I started wondering if this home selling got delayed a bit by the big man Himself.  If He wanted to make sure that I knew my path before getting me there.  That I felt that tug back towards adoption before I sold the house, moved, and was hopefully going to be going in for IUIs sometime this year.  To remind me that it's not so much what I think I need or want, but what He wants for me.  It's hard to think that it may even be a longer road before having a child I can call my own, but I also don't want to miss out on the one He has chosen for me and me for them.  For now I'm trying to continue on working on just taking it more step-by-step.  Knowing the big picture, but not being able to know each and every detail.  Letting Him know all and trusting that I will see the details when it is the right time to be revealed to me.

Wednesday, January 4

Here's One of Those Bible Verses. . .

"Once our eyes are open we can not pretend we do not know what to do. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know and holds us responsible to act."
Proverbs 24:12

Tuesday, January 3

Don't Tell My Heart

Not a day goes by when adoption is not on my mind.  More and more though it has been weighing heavily on my heart, and my soul tells me that this is what I should be doing.  There are nights when I do not get much sleep because my thoughts are tossing and turning about adoption, China and my little girl somewhere over there.

This past week that I've had off from work when I'm not with my family, especially a new pink cheeked little one down the street, I'm at the computer looking at faces of those waiting for their family to come bring them home.  Devouring blogs that depict their journey from seeing their child's face the first time to actually going over and bringing them back to their home, their families.  With each bible verse or adoption quotation I read, I see God pointing me in the direction I need to be.  So I just keep asking Him to tell me what I need to be doing, and to help me to go in the way He wants me to be.  I know me, and I like to make things a lot harder for myself than they really need to be.

If you so feel compelled would you mind saying a prayer for me, or asking God to help guide me, or just sending me a happy thought. . .it would be so much appreciated.  Because this feeling isn't going to go away, this ache in my soul needs to be soothed and only He knows how to.

Off I go to try and figure out some things. . .and once again try so very hard to hand it over. . ."let go and let God" :)