Tuesday, January 3

Don't Tell My Heart

Not a day goes by when adoption is not on my mind.  More and more though it has been weighing heavily on my heart, and my soul tells me that this is what I should be doing.  There are nights when I do not get much sleep because my thoughts are tossing and turning about adoption, China and my little girl somewhere over there.

This past week that I've had off from work when I'm not with my family, especially a new pink cheeked little one down the street, I'm at the computer looking at faces of those waiting for their family to come bring them home.  Devouring blogs that depict their journey from seeing their child's face the first time to actually going over and bringing them back to their home, their families.  With each bible verse or adoption quotation I read, I see God pointing me in the direction I need to be.  So I just keep asking Him to tell me what I need to be doing, and to help me to go in the way He wants me to be.  I know me, and I like to make things a lot harder for myself than they really need to be.

If you so feel compelled would you mind saying a prayer for me, or asking God to help guide me, or just sending me a happy thought. . .it would be so much appreciated.  Because this feeling isn't going to go away, this ache in my soul needs to be soothed and only He knows how to.

Off I go to try and figure out some things. . .and once again try so very hard to hand it over. . ."let go and let God" :)

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