Sunday, January 29

Feeling More Real

Tuesday night as I was grabbing the mail at the end of the driveway and as I started to look up to the stars in the dark cool night, I saw it.  It wasn't there earlier in the day, but since coming home from Mom and Dad's there it was.  The Sold sign had been bagged over the for sale sign.  I knew that it would be coming, so it wasn't too much of a shock to the system.  Still, a little sad though.

The lady went through the house on Thursday while I was at work.  She has up to seven working days before the report is required to be done.  For this loan inspection we will find out if the house appraised at or above the purchase price (but not the exact amount they appraised it for).  Also whatever they find not up to par, so to speak, I will have to have fixed in order for them to approve his loan, and therefore the sale of the house. Fingers crossed all goes well in that respect.

Thursday night after coming home from work, once again I was grabbing my mail.  There were two pieces of mail that made this process seem a little too real.  There was the buyer's name on two pieces of mail, both from probably his home insurance company.  That I wasn't ready for.  That hurt my heart to see another name with my address. That didn't feel quite right, having mail at my house while I still own it for another month.  I'm sure it was just sent since that the home that he is going to need to insure, but still painful to the current owner.

I looked through some boxes that I had packed up and at Mom and Dad's to find the adoption books that I had purchased, but had not yet read.  So Mom is reading one, while I have the other one at the house and read.  It's nice to have my own little book club so we can discuss what we read, and it's nice to know another main child care giver will have read up on the same things I have too :)  Thanks Mom!  Now I'll just have to look for other recommendations of books to read about international adoption and/or special needs adoption.

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  1. Hey! :o)

    I can't think of any book titles off hand but a CD series I would highly recommend is 'Taming the Tiger While It's a Kitten.' It has to do with attachment and if there is one subject I'm thankful I studied in great depth while waiting it is Attachment.

    If I think of any others I'll let you know.

    Have a great weekend!


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