Monday, January 9

House Offer #2

Well on Saturday, after looking at the house one more time, that guy came back and made another offer.  He was able to get a good financial backer and came in a little lower than what my counter offer was for.  It was for some things around the house that he knew would come up in the home inspection that he would repair/fix/update after he buys the house.  So now it's on to waiting for the home inspection and praying there are no major issues that will need to be addressed.  Of course I won't feel completely comfortable until after all the paperwork is done and the house is no longer officially in my name.

It's a mixture of sadness that I won't be able to raise my children there, and happiness that I will get to start the next chapter of life to get things in order to start my own family.

I started wondering if this home selling got delayed a bit by the big man Himself.  If He wanted to make sure that I knew my path before getting me there.  That I felt that tug back towards adoption before I sold the house, moved, and was hopefully going to be going in for IUIs sometime this year.  To remind me that it's not so much what I think I need or want, but what He wants for me.  It's hard to think that it may even be a longer road before having a child I can call my own, but I also don't want to miss out on the one He has chosen for me and me for them.  For now I'm trying to continue on working on just taking it more step-by-step.  Knowing the big picture, but not being able to know each and every detail.  Letting Him know all and trusting that I will see the details when it is the right time to be revealed to me.

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