Sunday, January 22

One More Inspection To Go!

After plumbers fixing the small leak in the main water line and a brand spanking new furnace, the buyer was willing to forgo having me ground all the outlets and other small electrical work.  Now I just have to hope that the other inspector doesn't feel anything major needs to be fixed/completed, because they will be non-negotiables in order to finalize the sale of the house.  The "Sold" sign bag should be gracing the front yard at any time now.  Guessing I won't need to use my front load washer and dryer for negotiations and they are not being sold with the house.  I'll wait until the house makes it through the loan approval inspection and closer to the closing date to selling them.

Had a wonderful evening with my eldest niece last night.  She was so excited about spending the night at my house.  Even more excited about getting to "picnic" in my living room and enjoy a lunchable with chocolate pudding (her request ;) ).  We watched "Sleeping The Beauty" and spent most of the movie dancing, using our finger wands and saying "make it pink" (her favorite) and "make it blue" (my favorite) and giggling.  Ahhh, I love being an aunt :)  Especially at her age of 3 1/2.  Her and the middle one will have a blast in WDW this summer and I plan to be there to witness the magic through their eyes!

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  1. Can't wait to hear about this final inspection...what a pain!! Have they set up a closing date? Sorry my comments are so brief- it's super late & I should be asleep. Getting the kids up for school tomorrow is gonna be a pain:( , but this was worth it:)


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