Tuesday, February 28

It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Just a Dream Away!

A LOT has happened in the past two weeks!

Two Saturday nights ago after I got off of work Dad and one of his brothers (my uncle :) ) came over using another brother (uncle's) truck.  We loaded, they transported and unloaded three loads worth of boxes and smaller furniture over to the "new" house.  This definitely helped when it came to the professional movers in keeping costs down.  Then both sisters came over and we played some Apples to Apples, played Wii games, and watched most of SNL before they had to hit the road.

Last Sunday I worked on getting more things ready and moved out during the day and in the evening had the family over for a lasagna dinner.  The last big family dinner in the house, by my family anyways.  Mom went around and shot pictures while we showed the baby around the basement since she had never been :)

Then Monday arrived and Dad helped while the movers came over and took all the furniture out of the house and moved it over, leaving me with an air mattress and tv in the bedroom, some floor lamps, but still plenty of things from drawers, closets and cabinets to box up.  I enjoyed my evenings for the most part, but pretty much being contained to one room wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  It was nice closure though and I'm glad I stayed those nights.

This past Friday night after work I picked Sue up for a sleep over.  We went to a craft store where she got a lady bug and a small pink Easter basket for it's bed.  She enjoyed a lunchable, at her request, for dinner; as well as running around the floor lamps in the living room.  Then she swam around in the pink bath tub for one last time, before going to sleep on a sleeping bag in the room her grandma (my mom) grew up in. Saturday morning we went to see Pooh's movie at the movie theater for their children's film series.  It was bunches of fun.  Then for me it was back to the salt mines of packing up.

That evening I took my last bath in the pink tub as well.  I've really come to love baths, especially if you can sit and soak in them.  And that bath had the perfect slant to lay back against without being painful.  I will miss you pink tub!

Sunday brought Sunday School and the official last chance moving day.  Everything was going into boxes and moved into the kitchen/kitchenette area.  I swept the hardwood floors in each room one last time, knowing I'll miss how the light bounced off them and the beautiful light wear and tear that showed a family once lived there.  Mom came over and by late afternoon we were each doing a car load to take to the house, so that the new owner could do a walk through.  Drats if I didn't remember the wrong time and there they were as we were getting the last of things in the car for the trip.  For some people maybe meeting the new owners gives a sense of closure, but I did not want to see/meet them at all.  But there was the realtor and the people.  After asking something about the house and I answered we trekked out of there.

Now once I was given the all clear by my realtor we were going to go back and have one last meal there, and then load up three vehicles for one last move.  Apparently the new owner was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to get my things out and clean before I was suppose to be out.  Really not sure how they came to that conclusion.  The kitchen and back room downstairs were the only rooms with really anything substantial in them, and that was because they were awaiting transport out.  All I needed to do was clean down the kitchen counters once more, sweep and clean the living room and kitchen floors and vacuum the carpet downstairs.  By that time I was just done.  We had seen who was moving in, so I guess it was good if not just to know it was "real".  It felt like driving back from WDW and getting to the last two hours and just wanting it done, just to be home, vacation could just be done.  I was done, physically and emotionally drained.

I said good-bye to the Avenue at 9 pm. As I walked out to the car from the garage, after leaving the house keys on the kitchen cabinet, I looked up to the sky.  I seriously have not seen that many stars in such a long time.  The ones we usually see were extremely brilliant, while there were other ones I normally don't see an they were much lighter but very much there.  And it calmed me.  As I took Pumpkin out before she retired for the evening, I again took towards the stars.  That night they reminded me of the way the stars, moon and sky looked in Hawaii.  Like perfect diamonds scattered along a midnight blue crushed velvet background.  I've missed that night sky since we left the islands.  But there it was again, and I felt Him reminding me of the promises He's always kept.  That it was with good reason I made this important move, so that I can continue down this path, hard as it may be sometimes.

Yesterday, as I was heading down the street to watch the nieces, I looked to the day sky.  (I know you are thinking, she has gone nuts! ;))  I have never seen so many traces left in the sky of planes that have gone by, and two planes in the distant leaving the mark as well.  So of course, planes would be the way to my child, that's certainly what it must mean ;)  It made me feel lighter of course, as well as when my realtor (who by the way if you are looking for one, or need a recommendation I can highly recommend her and her team!!!!) let me know that the house was officially sold.

Then today I checked my account online it showed the mortgage was paid in full (much like we are) and that surprisingly made me feel like a weight, one I wasn't aware of, was also taken off my shoulders.  I also found my jeans that had gone missing on me, and I've been frantic to find, so I plan to go pick up Sue get some weekly shopping done and let her play while I unpack more.  Tomorrow it's back to the normal work week, and hopefully it's a much less emotionally charged week.  I'll still be physically sore, but that's a good thing I think ;)

Here's to the new road ahead!

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  1. Praying for you as you begin sharing a home with your parents again and move forward with your adoption.


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