Sunday, February 12

Some Post Changes

You may, or may not, notice that in some words, especially those like ch.ina and ado.ption have "." in the middle of the words.  This helps to protect my blog to some extent from types of people who I may not want finding, reading and commenting on my blog.  I realize that it may be preventing other people from finding it by using a search engine, but unfortunately it's a step I feel the need to take to be able to share without worrying so much what some people may have to negatively say about this journey I'm on.  This is also why some of the "tags" have changed as well including the "." in the wording.  Also why I have to approve a comment you may make on the blog.  On a positive note, in doing all of this I realized that some posts that were set to post in May, never did.  So there are "new" posts for you all to enjoy :)

With a LOT of Daddy's help I was able to get a door changed out, paint chips cleaned up and spots outdoors (in the freezing temps) painted up, drywall hung to cover insulation that was put up in the unused square footage (grr), and finding two more outlet covers other than the one I found that needed to be put on in the laundry room.  So now waiting for the loan approval lady to come back through and approve what was done, at least the house appraised for at least the purchase price.

Two more weeks are all that I have left in my home :(  I'm really going to miss those hard wood floors, the pink bathtub which is great to read and soak in, and my favorite original lighting fixture in the hallway.  I will not miss the actual moving part, especially when a certain moving company of a couple of guys and their vehicle quoted me 540 dollars just to move the furniture---HOLY COW!!!  Anyways I need to make an appointment this week to go sign my set of papers, and also get my hair cut back up to my shoulders as well.  Tonight as well as tomorrow I need to start packing up the items I still have at home, and stay in from the snow :)

It's also sad to hear that another 80's icon passed away:(  I love her music, especially when I was younger.  I can still remember singing along to her with middle sister on my Fisher Price red microphone that Aunt S got me for a birthday.  Tapping your fingers on it along with the beat, just like she did :)

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