Thursday, March 29

Feels Good :)

When I get an email from Rainbow Kids and it has a child that matches my profile, I follow the link.  There is a quick synopsis of the child as well as a picture (usually) of the little one.  The ones that manage to tug at my heart (and it doesn't take much ;) ) I "add to my rainbow kids".  Then there is a tab you can go to that will list all the children that you have marked as such.  Then when they are matched they are taken back off the site and therefore no longer in my tab of kids.  So when I go to said tab and see no children in there it makes me happy.  Happy to know that their family has found them and that soon enough they will be loved and cared for in their very own family.  Though I also know that it could be they were moved from an agency specific list to perhaps another agency's list, or even back to the shared list.  But I just hope it is a family and pray that they will have a happy life.

Wonder if my little one will be found through RK or put there through the agency.  If so, it will be the sweetest "feel good" when they are removed from the list because I will be approved to be their mommy :)

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  1. (((hugs))) Your wonderful outlook will take your far on this stroller coaster journey to motherhood! Praying you become a mommy soon!


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