Tuesday, March 27

It's All a Blur

Or so it seems like that is how this past month has gone.

Two weeks I covered for our midshift person due to losses in his family.  And while I only had to cover for 7 hours a night vs. our normal 10 hour shift, it's tough.  Being at work during the hours I'm normally asleep, and then trying to sleep during the day.  Yeah, waking up a few hours after finally falling asleep and having my brain think of things to do since it's daylight outside does not lead to more restful sleep.  I worked that shift this past week and am thankful to have three days off because I just got a semi-normal night's sleep last night.  Then tomorrow morning it's back to work at 6 am--ugh!  Glad I have the shift I do, not sure I'd survive too well the midnight/mids/3rd shift.

Now that the house has sold and I'm moved in for the most part, my focus has shifted to starting to get excited for our vacation coming up at the end of May--whoo hoo!!!  Really can't wait to see the World through the little one's eyes :)  It will be fun to hang out with them and use them as a great excuse to get in some rest during the smoldering afternoons.  Just hoping it's not too super hot and humid while we are down there visiting the Castle and Mouse.

I'm sure these next two months will fly by as well, as it leads up to our Sunshine State visit.  Let's see we have Easter, Sister's Birthday, Niece's Baptism, Goddaughter's Confirmation, Mother's Day, and the other two Nieces' Birthdays to go.  I'm sure I forgot something in there as well. . . :(

Not a real exciting update, but one none the less ;)  Hope the month of March is going well for you, if not so fast!!!


  1. Ooo...excited for you that you have a trip coming up to visit the Mouse! I have a couple of 'tips and tricks' sheets and a 'not to be missed' sheet for visiting the Mouse. If you're interested in them just let me know and I'll happily email them to you.

  2. Yes please do :) It's always fun to see what others enjoy doing in WDW!


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