Sunday, March 4

The Sick and The Unpacking

Ugh, I have had both the stomach flu and now this head cold/sore throat deal since Thursday.  Luckily, I guess, they've taken turns and where the stomach flu ended the sinus crud took off.  It stinks knowing that when I use sick hours at work I'm taking away some hours that could be turned into paid Leave of Absence time later.  But when you really need to be by a bathroom, I'd prefer to be home vs. at work and walking across a call center floor to use one.

I spent some time last evening and now today cleaning and unpacking more things.  Finding new homes for my things and deciding if it's worth keeping or putting in a garage sale, not my favorite things to do, but I'll feel so much better once everything has a home.  For now the bathroom is done, and I think all my kitchen items have been integrated in.  More rooms need to be done, but I'll get there.

I plan to take Moo out for awhile tomorrow, and peruse some hobby shops, even if it is only to look :)  Then do something, not sure what yet, for my b-day on Tuesday (when it's going to be a high of 70--whoo hoo my favorite type of temp/weather).  Then haul Sue to Trader Joes and perhaps Whole Foods on Wednesday.  It's great being an aunt, especially when you can take them one-on-one for some fun outside of the house :)

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