Tuesday, June 12

I'm baaack ;)

I figured since it had been a month since my last post I'd better get back to writing.

What a month it has been too. . .
...there was Mother's Day.  We were doing our Disney Nights, and so Mimi recreated the Ohanas dinner.  Super yummy dinner, and what a great daughter making it on her own Mother's Day.  Don't worry, she had volunteered to do it ;)  That night I went outside to look for my little one and my stars in the sky.  I found one of them, in the whole night sky. . .one!  I took that as my Mother's Day gift from a little one far away :)

Then there was Moo's 2nd Birthday.  Both Moo and Sue had their birthday party on her actual birthday.  I can't believe she is two already.  She's such a little cheese, very polite, and sweet girl.  She is at that age of 2 though. . .

Two days later was Sue's 4th Birthday.  As the eldest niece she'll be the hardest to believe how old she is, no matter what age she turns.  She loves to put on a show, kittens, and is oh so loveable!  She was so excited about knowing that shortly after her birthday we would be going on vacation.  After all, her mommy promised her!

Then the Saturday after the girls' birthdays we were on the road to Disney World.  Oh, what a wonderful trip!  I loved getting to do Disney with the little girls.  Especially Moo always running ahead saying, "come on!" on the paths at our resort.  We stayed at the beautiful and calming Polynesian Resort, and had seven nights of magical bliss!

Now that I'm back, I'm in between deciding how to write up a Trip Report from our trip, needing to read through e-mails from adoption online groups (since I'm very far behind), catching up on adoption blogs, and needing to write on my own.  There is also the need to start reading my books I've bought for adoption topics, conditioning so I can be ready to train for a half marathon (yeah, sooo not a runner. . .but Princesses and Pixie Dust can really make you think about it), work on losing weight, and work on a more detailed plan on how to get my little one home.

Even though I'm home from vacation and the magic, I feel like there is still so much to be excited about and to get ready for!!!  That surely helps with the post Disney Blues ;)

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