Tuesday, June 19

She's My Brown Eyed Girl

. . .and she's halfway across the world
. . .and I don't know who she is yet
. . .and I can't wait to meet her
. . .and I know God already know's the details and the plan
. . .but I do know her name!

Not her Chinese name, but the first name I will give her.

When I was younger my two favorite names I was going to name my children if they turned out to be daughters, were based off my two favorite characters, from my two favorite book series.  One of the names now seems so old-fashioned, but still dear and sweet.  The other, well it has taken a very cool place in my life.  My cousin has that name, and she is also my first Goddaughter.  My second niece has the name for her middle name, and she is my second Goddaughter.  So even though I'm not going to use it, both my "daughters" have that name and I find that so cool!!!

There have been many names that I've liked over the years, and two years back when I started this very real journey I committed myself to two names for each gender.  Both a first and middle name.  Now I have the same initials as my daddy, and Mimi and Grandma share the same middle name which has been passed down to Sue as well.  KK's name was picked out by Daddy.  So, we all have something very special that connects us as a family, well to me anyways.  As I was trying to narrow down the other three names (the first girl name I've liked for awhile), I decided that I would make sure both first and last names have the same amount of letters as mine does.  Seven for the first and five for the middle, so twelve all together.  And my first girl name did as well.  Perfect, I found the names that I truly liked and fit the bill.

Last year when I decided to adopt from China I started to wonder about that name.  I even faltered for a bit about going entirely different route with her name.  The middle name I had chose, I wasn't sure if it was right for a little girl from China.  Then as I did more reading, I decided that I should keep part of her Chinese name.  Whether it is her first, middle or both Chinese names, it will become her new middle name.  Her first name however will remain the original first name I'm in love with. I can't even tell you when, why or how I came to love it or why it became my first choice for a baby girl name.  Every other name choice I can tell you. . .the original middle name is of the country I've always wanted to visit.

When I was at a Christian Book Store looking for a Confirmation picture frame for my eldest Goddaughter I came across something so perfect for a certain nursery/toddler room that I had to buy it (along with said picture frame :) )  Now it was not meant as a name plaque or anything, but for my little one, it will be.  When I refer to her on the blog however I'm just going to use "G" (without the quotation marks) as I don't want her name (at this point) "out there", and I'm not even sure why exactly.  I just ask if you refer to her, as of right now for the crazy lady ;), just use G as well, thanks for indulging me :)
Without further ado (because let's face it, you've waited long enough.  unless you sneaked a peek first. . .ok, ok, this has been more ado--sorry!!!), G's first name:

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