Wednesday, June 20

What do you do over there?

     Different countries have different travel requirements for those adopting internationally.  They may require more than one visit, they may require a month visit, or you may not travel to child, but your child to you.  For China they require one parent (whew good thing, cause I'm it ;) ) to travel, and only one visit is necessary.  You are over there for around two weeks.  You may choose to do some sight seeing before the actual adoption process begins, adding a few days to the trip.  Now if you are traveling half way across the world to a country you've never been, you better go see some cool stuff right?!  Well I believe that usually depends on whether or not you are financially able to or not.
   So based on itineraries families have posted and sample ones you can find on the net, here is a very basic sample Adoption Travel Itinerary:

6/3:   Leave for China.  Possibly Hong Kong, Beijing or Guangzhou.  (<--how do you say that?)
6/4:   Arrive at your China destination and go to the hotel.
6/5:   Take a guided tour of the city and points of interest.
6/6:   More touring of the city.
6/7:   Fly to the capital city of your child's Province.  (You may still be physically hours away from your
6/8:   Gotcha/Family Day (still not sure how I'm going to refer to it)!  Meet your child and sign Guardianship            paperwork.
6/9:   Finalize the adoption by going to the Provincial government office for Adoption Registration and
6/10:  While waiting for the adoption paperwork to be completed you can tour the city, shop or rest.
6/11:  Still waiting for paperwork. . .so same as yesterday.  May even be able to visit your child's SWI
          (remember that's Social Welfare Institute or orphanage.)
6/12:  Receive your child's passport and fly/travel to Guangzhou, where the US Consulate is located, and go
          to the hotel.
6/13:  Medical exam for child's Visa and children over the age of 2 will also get a TB test.
6/14:  Rest day which can include touring of the city.
6/15:  TB test results are read.
6/16:  Go to the US Consulate to take the oath.
6/17:  Receive your child's Visa.
6/18:  Fly back home!  (And remember since your flying back you usually arrive the same day that you left
         China, even though it's been tens of hours ;)

You can always look at the blogs of people in China right now, or who have been to see what the trip actually entailed for them, and what our big trip might look like :)

Actually here's one I found of an actual one:

Wed – afternoon:  board a plane to China at 2 PM
Thur  – 11:20 PM: Land in Beijing.
Fri/Sat – Sight see.  Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, and Temple of Heaven
Sun – Fly to Nanning, Guangxi.  
Mon – Gotcha Day – Go to the Civil Affairs Department in the afternoon and meet our child.
Tues –Adoption Day – Go back to the Civil Affairs Department and fill out adoption registration (paperwork).
Wed/Thurs – :  Sight see in Nanning.  See location where child was found.  There is a small possibility we could spend some time with the foster mom .
Fri –   Pick up child’s passport and fly to Guangzhou
Sat –   Get medical exams done and visa photo taken for US consulate
Sun –   Free day
Mon –   Consulate appointment in morning.
Tues –:  Pick up child's visa in the afternoon
Wed –   Take a train to Hong Kong
Thurs –   Fly home.  One leg of our journey is 15 1/2 hrs on a plane.  

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