Thursday, July 5

Happy 4th!

Happy Belated 4th to everyone in the US!

Spent a lot of time thinking, researching, and thinking some more this past week.  The crazy body change of getting myself off of the mid shift and back to working during the day has taken it's toll on me.  This is the first night I didn't get dead tired starting at 4 pm and dozing by 8 pm, but I'm starting to feel it.  Those nights at work all to myself did give me some time to do more thinking.  For right now I'm going to give myself the rest of this year to build up some money reserves and listen to my heart about what the next step is.  Once I've regained non-sleepy mode at night I'll get back to my blog reading, and hopefully some writing every once in awhile as well.

Please keep Lauren in your thoughts and prayers and ask that her family finds her.

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