Monday, September 3

Happy Labor Day!

Last time I wrote was our last National Holiday and here we are again.  Also just the same is that I'm on the mids shift once again.  And it is once again kicking my patootie!  This time it is on the opposite end of the work week, which just adds to my confusion as to what day it is.  I was also "tricked" into working this holiday as well, it was supposed to be my holiday off.  At least this time since I'm working the opposite work week I'll get that weekend as well my normal weekend off to get myself back on a normal schedule.

Unlike where I was when I last left you, I have changed-once again- the pathway to my family.  Instead of yammering on for a bit, which by now you should know I'm totally capable of, I'll try to just get to the meat of my decision.  Plan P (I don't know what it really is, but close enough ;) ) was to make my family via adoption and then expand with a homegrown baby (biological child).  I know that a certain country can close adoptions, change the rules, etc, so in that sense I'm taking a "chance" with changing up my plan.  For certain criterias and monies, as well as my age, and some other factors, I've decided to go bio first and expand with adoption.  Trust me it was not an easy shift, especially after all the pondering of Lauren, but I really feel it's the best decision for me at this point.  Praying has been ever so helpful, as it usually seems to be.  I still wish for G on her star (yeah not sure even if the bio baby is a girl I'd be able to name her G, since I've used it so much when speaking of my little girl on the other side of the world.)

I understand that this is a change of gears (once again), and that some of you may not likely follow anymore, but since this is mainly to keep my family and close friends in the loop and so I will be continuing to do so here, I wish those who will not be luck and happiness :)

For those still following I will plan on starting TTC (trying to conceive) come 2013 :)