Wednesday, October 24

*Now or Later

Why do I keep saying/writing that I am not going to start ttc until 2013?  I'll break it down for you ;)

Before I even made my first appt/consultation with the fertility center, I was planning on starting actual TTC in Jan 2013.  I was going to make my initial appt with the center in October and then that would give me three months for whatever testing they felt needed to be done, get done.  As you see I went ahead and bit the bullet one day and made the first appt last month.  From their literature they sent me home with it looks like "this month" will be the month I have tests run and then meet with an RE to get my Plan of Care together. Then the next month I can start trying.

The plan to start in Jan stems from two main reasons.  Number one, money.  I really thought from my understanding that I would be doing this all out of pocket.  Now from reading, though I'm waiting for financial lady to give me the "real" answers, it looks like even the sperm could be covered by my insurance.  I had checked with the andrology lady, and she says that they actually order the specimen, not me.  So again need info from financial lady, but they may bill my insurance before coming to me for the money to pay for the genetic material.  She'll also go over with me the cost of my IUI, which seems to be covered minus co-pay  for the procedure.  If those fall in line, then finances are not an issue any more.  I then have to wonder if coverage will stay the same for next year.  Would I be better off trying now for maybe two cycles vs. waiting for next year?

Reason Two, leave of absence.  I fully intend to take my twelve weeks off.  With what I have six would be paid.  That time is already "banked".  Then they would come after my current sick/vacation time to pay the rest of it off.  Which would leave me with no paid time off for the rest of year.  I can't exactly just not come in and have it taken out of my pay at my current position.  I'd prefer to take some unpaid and then save some time "just in case", but it doesn't work that way.  Did a couple of years ago, but not anymore.  Which means mom, the baby, and I cannot get sick, because I can not use sick time to go/stay home.   I'd also like to be selfish and have those end of year holidays off and with baby.  Now if I were to get the other job, that'd be a non issue, I'd get holidays off.

I know that things don't go according to plan though.  It could take awhile to get pregnant, keep a pregnancy, etc.  Which could take me into a new year and the same problems over again.  I could have complications and need to be on bed rest, or the baby could come early.  Making all of this pondering and planning null and void, but for now I'm trying to figure out what's best for what I can attempt to plan for.  I also will be having that sonohystogram this cycle.  The "cleaning of the pipes" so to speak can lead to some women getting a BFP their next cycle if they are TTC.  So there's that to add to it all as well.  It doesn't help that I also have this overwhelming feeling it will be multiples and therefore need the couple extra months, you know after the holiday buying frenzy, to save more monies for this future child(ren).  I also don't want to miss a month that could have been the one.  Then again I don't want to be worried over having time at the end of the year and working holidays for a certain person at work :(

I suppose this is/I could make a now/later list much like the pros/cons list of a beloved Stars Hollow's character!

**I wrote this before I got the call Monday saying that my sono wouldn't be until next cycle/month.  At most I'd probably just get to try in December, if I wanted to "try earlier."**

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