Friday, November 23


There are many things I'm Thankful for, as I am each year.  The list is always ever evolving, as I'm sure it is for most people.  I will try to list things here, as they relate to the reason for this very blog.

I'm Thankful for. . .

. . .my whole family.  I'm thankful that they (you) all are supportive of my decision, from taking a genuine interest in my choices to offering me a home to come back to to make this dream possible.  I have been blessed with families on both side of my family tree that live close by, for the most part, and got to grow up with and created the best holiday memories a girl could ask for.  Why else would I look forward to them so much, and get giddy at the very thought of sharing them with my own little one(s) some day.  My mom, dad and sisters, the whole reason I wanted to be a mom in the first place and have more then one child.  We each have such special bonds and great memories, that I can only hope I can provide for my own family one day.  I'm especially grateful to my nieces who, after gracing my life with their presence cemented the feelings that being a mommy truly is what I want to be and do.  (Plus they are just so sweet--most of the time--and enrich my life just getting to watch them grow and learn and love!)

. . .my job.  Even though I do have to work some holidays each year, and it's not always the ideal job for myself, it provides me the chance to hopefully one day provide for a little one of my own (so money).  My health insurance has certainly rocked so far in covering the medical journey I've taken so far, especially when I thought it would all be out of pocket!  I have an awesome friend there who unknowingly, at the time, set this whole process in motion, and is great enough to listen to me babble on :)  I was also blessed to work along side another Buffy obsessed co-worker who made the days on the phones seem to slip by effortlessly.  Even though she longer works there, I always smile at the the sight of an e-mail from her in my inbox :)  This one morphed into a " . . .my friends" one as well :)

. . .my faith.  That I have God and Jesus in my life, and thanks to the country we live in I can worship Him openly and freely.  I have someone greater than myself that I can ask for guidance from and pray that I'm following my own path in the way He'd like me to.

. . .the times we live in.  So that this even trying to become a mom all on my own is even an option for me.

. . .my s0n0 appointment going as best as it could.  I met another nurse and the female doctor on Wednesday, and they were extremely nice and truly made the experience go as best as it could.  It certainly went better, through no fault of the first nurse's, than my consultation ultrasound.  Doc also found no issues with my uterus or tubes, everything was smooth and the saline flowed through as it should.  I wasn't asked to take another blood test, at least not at that appointment.  Doc said that once I choose a donor and make the purchase with the andrologist, then I can have my plan of care appointment.  That one will either be with her or the male RE.  Doc did say that she will have me do ovul.ation stimulation (so at this point I'm assuming cl.omid and the trigger shot) for my ttc cycle.  Then the following cycle (so January would be the earliest time, but my first attempt most likely will be in February!)  I'm just glad that all looked well to this point!

. . .the things that I take for granted on a daily basis, but know that so many people here and around the world go without.  Shelter, clean water, clothing, my very own room, and food to name a few.  I mean look  at us, we're saddened by a food company that is claiming bankruptcy and may go out of business for forever (and trust I enjoyed those donut gems and the yummy apple and cherry pies) when there are plenty of people who wish to be able to provide a morsel of food to their children.  I know that someone will always have it better than me and someone will always be worse off than myself.  I'm thankful for what I have been provided and what I know can be provided.  After all I have a nursery set up for a child who has not even been conceived, in the hopes that one day there will be a little one to fill the room.

I hope you all were able to enjoy Thanksgiving in whatever way you do.  I can only hope that next Thanksgiving there's another little someone in my life I have to be Thankful for :)

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