Tuesday, November 20

Turkey Talk

Ok, not really talking about turkeys here, but it's my "clever" title for the day ;)

This week, I'm sure will flash by in the blink of an eye.  With shopping, going to work, going to my sono, making desserts for Thanksgiving dinner, watching the parade, working on the holiday :(, trying to find deals for the things I still need to buy on Black Friday, and then work again it will be Cyber Monday before you know it!

Monday a local radio station kicked off their Christmas music that plays non-stop until the day after Christmas.  To a girl like me, that's truly music to my ears!  I know, I know there are plenty of people who want to recognize Thanksgiving Day first.  I just LOVE this season, and refuse to let my wonder and love for the season fade, no matter how old I get.  Who knows how nutso crazy I'll be when/if there's my own child(ren) to celebrate with!!!  **Crazy offtopicness over :) **

Tomorrow morning I will head to work for four hours.  I plan to get off an hour before my appointment is scheduled.  Then I'll head home to grab mom and have her drive us to the center for my sono.  If you are interested in what this procedure entails click here to read more about it.  (Remember I had to have this put off last month since only the female doctor performs this procedure at the center.)  I will probably be getting blood drawn then too, so a banner day for me it will be!!!  I do plan on resting afterwards, and having my mommy take me to a certain new chicken fast food place to get lunch and holiday shake. I'll try to get on here and let you know how it goes. I do believe that the next step will be to meet one of the doctors for my plan of care.

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