Wednesday, December 19

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Oh, remember when snow was awesome!  I used to love winter, it was my favorite season.  I remember snow forts my daddy would make for me, and how awesome they looked inside.  Then I look at pictures of them as an adult and wonder how I fit in there, let alone the mansion I seem to recall vividly in my memory.  I remember hoping for snow days from school, and being so excited to stay home with mommy and my little sisters when a snow day was called.  How us sisters would go out and play in the snow and then come in for a warm bubble bath, snuggly clothes, and hot chocolate, all courtesy of mommy.

Then I eventually had a job, where I was considered (and still am) "necessary operations", and drove a car.  That's when my love for winter started to fade and my love of fall took over.  It's also when my love of the snow melted (hardy har har) a bit.  Shoveling snow, especially my old loooooong driveway, not my favorite thing in the world.  It would give me chance to be alone with my thoughts though, and the cold air is definitely invigorating.  But when you *have* to go to work, because your operations is open 24/7/365, it can really stink!  Working in retail was much easier in that sense, if it was bad outside they were closed and you didn't have to risk life and limb to get in.  So while we are, here, in a blizzard warning tomorrow morning I get to do that very thing to make every effort to be to work by 8 am tomorrow.

However, we are also predicted to have six inches or so on Christmas Day, and since I don't have to work that day (yay!) I'm all for it.  A white Christmas is always a love of mine, especially if I don't have to work that day, or the day after--whoo hoo!  I guess my love of the white stuff wanes between whether I have to go to work or not, lol!  It sure looks pretty when it's falling silently and blanketing the ground with promise and purity!