Friday, January 4

A New Year, A New Start

Happy New Year!!!
I truly hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Right before Christmas I checked my first choice donor as well as my back up, and wouldn't you know it they were both out of vials.  Just my luck, right?!  Which means I'm back to the old drawing board, and as of tonight I have it down to four and an alternate.  I really like them all, so I may not even pick until the day I go in to do the actual choosing and fork over the moola.  Not sure if I posted here or not, but it's looking more like the first attempt won't be until my March cycle.  

I have actually been wondering, should I actually conceive, how long 12 weeks will feel like before I use that "magical" time to tell others outside of this group.  Tonight I realized just how long it is.  Twelve weeks ago (exactly) I applied for the Payroll Specialist position opened within our group.  I really can't afford to take a paycut, and this job would be going from salary to hourly and so I was positive they wouldn't give it to me because of that.  However my friend talked me into doing it, after all what would I have lost anyways?  Updating my resume certainly wasn't going to hurt :)  

That was back on Oct. 12, and my interview didn't come until the end of November.  Whoo hoo if the offer didn't come in today, twelve weeks later.  They are letting me keep my current wage, yay!  I get to learn something new, and work with a really great lady.  Plus, for the first time in my working life, I get my very own space.  I'll get my own cubicle, my own work phone number, a work laptop, my own space for my own stuff :)  I'll now have all holidays off, haven't had that in 14.5 years!  The only downfall is that I won't have two week days off anymore.  No more taking the nieces to go shopping with the non-weekend crowds and no summer vacation days hanging out with sissy and the littles :(  I really think it's going to be a nice schedule to have once I have my own little family though.  It will just be needing to take some days/mornings off  to go to the clinic until then; when I have been able to do most things on my days off.

So 2013 has started off on an exciting and intersting foot, can't wait to see where it goes :)

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  1. Congrats on your new job! How wonderful that you get to learn something new with lots of perks and still keep you current salary. That's awesome!'re getting close! March will be here before you know it! Yay!!


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