Saturday, February 2

And Now It's Time for Silly Stories with The Redhead

Sorry, I can't really sing, so no songs ;)  (If you've seen Veggie Tales maybe this makes sense--silly songs, if not, we'll just keep moving along.)

Last night as I was falling asleep, just at the precipice of finding that sweet state, into my head pops this notion.  It was silly and yet still woke me up as if it was one of those moments where you feel like you're on roller skates and about to fall down a flight of stairs (right before you fall asleep-kwim?)

Into my mind came the idea that what if Kate and William name their baby the name I want to name my child?  Great, just great!  Then my kid would probably have at least a few other kids with the same name in their age group.  Yep, that's what kept me from getting right to sleep last night.  A worry about what a couple who hasn't had their child will name it.  And that the name is the exact same name I want to use for the same gender (I guess it doesn't have to be the same gender, but my names kind of are gender specific, or at least I think so) of baby that I'm not even pregnant with yet.  Brother!!!!