Friday, May 31

Citrus Lane May 2013 Box

Here we have the May 2013 Citrus Lane box that I recieved.  Remember I have a Sept. "due date" in for the birthdate at this point and the gender chosen is "neutral."

This box arrived on the second day within Citrus Lane's delivery period for this shipment that they sent out.  So I had NO clue as to what was in it.

Open the Box (I forgot to take a pic of what was inside of the letter :( )
Here's what was under that yellow tissue paper :)

Bear Takes a Trip (Board Book), by Stella Blackstone

Found on Amazon for 6.29.  So excited to finally get a book in my box!  You can never have too many ;)  This one is a board book, so little ones can't tear the pages.  It also has clocks and watches in it to help learn about telling time.

Dapple Dish Liquid (Travel Size),  by Dapple

Found on Amazon for 5.49 (for the travel size.)  What a great size to try out a new dish liquid that's toxin free and "natural".  

Gripe Water, by Mommy's Bliss

Found on Amazon for 9.99.  Remember I got this back in January ;)  So I guess I'm set with this brand for now :)

First Keys, by Green Toys

Found on Amazon for 7.99.  I love that these are made in the USA, of 100% recycled plastic.  They have no coating on them for a little one to check/suck off.  I've seen their dump trucks before and they are so cute--especially the pink and purple one ;)

The Mommy Hook, by Tomy

Found on Amazon for 6.99.  You can attach this to like your stroller handle and can put your purse and bags all on it and it will hold them.  I've seen these before and thought they were pretty cool, so I was surprised and excited by this "mommy gift".

For this box, if these items were purchased from Amazon the total would have come to:  36.75 (not including any shipping you may have to pay).  This box has me saving 11.75.  I was really surprised and happy with this month's box and can't wait for June's :)  Now that we are caught up, the box posts will be monthly and hopefully within a day or two of receiving it :)  Stay tuned for June 2013 box!

Wednesday, May 29

Citrus Lane April 2013 Box

Here we have the April 2013 Citrus Lane box that I recieved.  Remember I have a Sept. "due date" in for the birthdate at this point and the gender chosen is "neutral."

When they ship their boxes they send an e-mail with the tracking number and a time frame of when you should recieve your box.  This month they changed carriers--to the USPS.  And ugh, my package was two days later than the last day they say they should be there by.  I checked on Fac.eboo.k to see if others were experiencing the same issue, and there were.  Sadly these checks also lead to seeing pics of those who recieved their boxes and what was inside of them.  So this month wasn't really full of "surprises", and was late :(  I do hear good things about their customer service though :)

Good 'ol personal "stock" photo of box :)

Here's what's inside this month.  Also on the top of all the lists come two little pictures at the top that have the first letter of the word on the.  You can use these as flash card deals for your kids to play with/learn from.

Here's what's under that yellow tissue paper.

burp cloth 
that has snaps 
to transform into a bib!
Burpy Bibs,by aden and anais
Found on Amazon for 9.95.  Here's another brand that I'm gah gah over.  They have more awesome products that I'd love to have for baby, like their muslin swaddlers :)  This was definitely a hit for me!

ez grip teether, by innobaby
Found on innobaby for 4.99.  Brand new item from them.  I've never heard of them before, but looks pretty interesting, can't wait to give it a try :)

Silicone Train Spoon, by Oogaa
Found on Amazon for 5.99.  Again product/company I'd never heard of (but then again that's kind of the idea behind these box services ;) ).  And another stinkin' cute item.  They even have ones with planes on them and in different colors as well.  Glad to have received this!

Mum+Bub Ultra Gentle Lotion and Soothing Ointment
  Since this was just a simple one time use sample, it will not count to towards the total of the box.  I will check their products out on EWG's skindeep site.

Shampoo + Body Wash, by The Honest Company
From The Honest Company for 9.95.  This was a full size bottle and the sweet orange vanilla scent is really yummy.  This is Jessica Alba's company that is trying to do better by the earth and our children.  I've said before I like looking for more "natural" cleansers and will def. add this to the collection ;)

For 25.00 this month, my box was "worth" 30.88  Saving me a total of 5.88.  So not a "huge" savings, but I really liked each item, and loved one.  Worth it to me this month :)

Stay tuned for May 2013 Citrus Lane Box.

Monday, May 27

Citrus Lane March 2013 Box

Here we have the March 2013 Citrus Lane box that I recieved.  Remember I have a Sept. "due date" in for the birthdate at this point and the gender chosen is "neutral."

Good 'ol personal "stock" photo of box :)

On side of box :)

Here's what's in store this month.

Here's what was under that yellow tissue paper.
Art Cards for Baby, by Wee Gallery
Found on Amazon for 12.95.  Comes in different "collections", wish I had got the woodland ones, but these are cool too!  Baby can see black and white contrast well, and can use them as flash cards as they get older.

Peekaboo Lovie by cloudb
Found on Amazon for 9.99.  I was soooooooooo excited about getting this item!  I love cloudb and their adorable things :)

Organic Socks in "Farm", by i play
Found on Amazon for 5.00.  Are these not so stinkin' cute?!  I like these better than the "girl" option anyways--sooooo adorable, and organic- score!

Found on Amazon for 11.99/8 oz. (this sample size was 1 oz. that I received so about-1.50)   I do enjoy finding new and "safer" shampoo/body wash.  Both baby and I can use this and looking forward to it :)

Found on Amazon for 45.99/1.7 oz. (my sample was .5 oz that I received-so about 13.52) This moisturizer was one of the mommy's treats. I haven't used it yet, not sure if I will or not.  Ehhh.

Then there was a coupon to get 20 off a 40 or more purchase.  I have not used this either.  It's another subscription service to get shoes, purses, accessories sent to your home.  All shoes are 40.00.

So I spent $25 and got a total of 62.96 in my box.  Saving me 37.96.  Now taking out the JustFab and pur-moist, as they weren't really a "deal" for me I saved:  4.44.  However the cloudb lamb and those adorable socks keep me wanting more ;)  

Stay tuned for April 2013 Box.

Saturday, May 25

Citrus Lane February 2013

Here we have the February 2013 Citrus Lane box that I recieved.  Remember I have a Sept. "due date" in for the birthdate at this point and the gender chosen is "neutral."

Good 'ol personal "stock" photo of box :)

This is what it looks like when you first open your box, and the card on top is the items included.  They are nice enough to fold it so you don't see what's inside on the card first :)

Here's what you find inside.

And under the yellow tissue paper was all this :)

So for 25.00 this month I got:

Taggies Blanket, by Taggies
Found on Amazon for 16.95.  I always want to get one of these when I see them at, but have restrained.  Glad I did :) 
 Product Description from Amazon:  In ultra soft boa, our portable snuggle partner is baby’s perfect soothing companion. With 20 bright, engaging and tactile tags around the border, it offers little ones hours of interactive entertainment and comfort. This classic security item nurtures with simple opportunities for fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation. Measures 12" x 12". Machine wash. Imported. All ages.

Wash cloths, by Kushies
Found on Amazon for 6.49.  I like their brand for cloth diaper items, so I was happy with this item as well!  They come in girl, boy and white colors.  They can also be used for cloth diaper wipes.

Little Buddy Wipes, by me4kidz
Found on Amazon for 2.49.  They are supposed to be more "natural" and sting free for little kids as well-nice!

Caged Bell, by Hohner Kids
Found on Amazon for 10.22.  They come in different colors, mine is yellow and orange ;)  These are really cool musical toys that I would not have thought to get on my own, but love that I have.

Tube Shaker, by Hohner Kids
Found on Amazon for 6.49.  Out of the two musical toys, this one's my favorite.  It's cool to watch the little beads move around as it makes sound :)

So in total, if I were to have bought these items on Amazon (again not including shipping) the total would have been: 42.64. 
This time, and for now on, I spent 25.00 on this box.  So I saved:  17.64.  I'll take that :)

Thursday, May 23

Citrus Lane January 2013

Gotta go back in time for a few posts to catch up to the May box I recieved recently.  Thought it would be fun to share here what cool stuff shows up on my door step each month now.  Whether you find these things as cool, or just shake your head at things out there for baby today I'm just glad your along with me for the ride :)

So without futher ado, here is the January 2013 Citrus Lane box I recieved for newborn/gender neutral:
(Okay, so this is just one of the boxes--so it's now a "stock" photo, with my hand covering my info)

(Here's the list of what's inside the box.  I guess last year they included the retail price of the item, but do not anymore.)

(And under the yellow tissue paper you find your goods :) )

This was the month I got half off, so for 12.50 I received:
Frankie Frog, by Tiny Love:
Found on Amazon for 8.49.  You can connect to activity gyms, strollers, or infant carriers.  Also come in other animals :)
Baby Prints Keepsake, by Pearhead
Found on Amazon for 10.49.  Something I would have definitely thought about getting anyways :)
Gripe Water, by Mommy's Bliss
Found on Amazon, in a two pack, for 15.75 (so about 7.88 for one.)  Again, something more "natural" that I would have been interested in :)
Skinny Charles Bangles, by Chewbeads
Found  on Amazon for 19.50.  Something safe and made out of silicone for baby to chew on, and fashionable for mom to wear ;)  They do come in a chunkier size and different colors.  This company makes other jewelry as well.

For this box, if these items were purchased from Amazon the total would have come to:  46.36 (not including any shipping you may have to pay).  This box has me saving 33.86.  If I had paid full price, 25.00, I still would be ahead by 21.36.  I feel these items would be used, so well worth the price!
Stay tuned for February 2013 box!

Wednesday, May 22

Happy 5th Birthday!

Sue, how can it be you're already five?!

You've done, learned and grown so much in this past year.  You've got an elephant's memory when it comes to promises made to you and conversations had with you :)  You're such a good big sister, though it can be hard at times (I understand).  I just know you'll be a wonderful big cousin to my future children.  You even have names picked out for the girl (you not soooo secretly want me to have), like Sparkle Glitter.  But you do tell me that a boy would be good to have too.  You've taken what we've told you about God deciding whether it's a girl or boy, and even applied it to today when I asked you how many babies I would have.  At first it was two and then quickly to one (my eyes must have gotten huge ;) ), and then that I would just have to wait to see what God gives me.

You have a definite love of Disney World, or simply as you call it "Vacation."  I'm sad that I won't get to go this summer and take a spin in the teacups with you.  You tell me that you have to grow up so that you can ride more rides at Disney World, and I seriously doubt a day has gone by since last vacation that you haven't brought upWDW.  You still love all things pink, kittens, unicorns, rainbows, princesses and dresses.  You are most definitely a little girly girl. You also take things very much to heart and remind me of some other emotional oldest sister (;) ).

You are such a sweetheart, cutie pie and love bug!  I can't wait to see how you blossom this year, with all the things that being five brings.  I can only hope times slows down just a fraction so I can remember you at this age.

I love you Sue!!

Tuesday, May 21

Citrus Lane

When watching a few of the mommy/cloth diapering youtube channels that I enjoy, I found out about Citrus Lane.  It's a subscription box service that you recieve monthly.  You enter in your child's age and gender, so that they are more specifically tailored to your child.   It is for newborn to 3 years old, though I think they are expanding to go to 5.  They are more geared towards environmentally friendly/green products, and they try to include a "mommy" item in each box as well.

Back in January (of 2013), they had a "try me" code, where it was half off for the box.  You can also choose which plan works for you.  Either pay each month, $25 with free shipping, or pay in advance for three months, or even in advance for a year-in which the price drops to $21/mo.  So I used the code to pay 12.50, free shipping, and see just what the hub bub was.  

For the age, I put in what would have been my due date had I tried and gotten pregnant in December of last year.  Then in the child's name fields, I just put a "?" for the first and last.  Then for gender you could choose-boy, girl, or neutral.  For that one, you got it, I chose neutral.  

When I got my box, I loved it so much I have continued to pay/recieve them!  It's buying something for baby, but I'm not specifically doing it---if that makes sense?  I had also tried three other subscription box services that were for beauty or green choices, for a woman, but quit those after one shipment.  And although they were only 10-15 dollars, so much cheaper, I didn't find the joy and anticipation of getting them anywhere like I do for this box.  Now hopefully in the near future I'll be able to change "baby's birthdate/due date" with them, and even further down the road the gender as well.  

I do want to share my giddiness from this like gift openings and show you as well what I have been/will get in my boxes.  More pictures and cool new things to discover coming up :)

Should you be interested in getting or even gifting this to another mommy/daddy (-to-be), aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa, niece/nephew, friend, whoever, you can use this link, in which you recieve $10 off your first box :)

Monday, May 20

Happy Third Birthday!

Holy Buckets Moo.  When I started this blog, I was writing a Happy 3rd Birthday post to your big sister.  And now you have hit that milestone.  Time certainly goes way to fast.

You had a Birthday Cake that your mommy made for you tonight.  It was covered in purple frosting and sprinkles, except for where the number three was in the middle.  Grandma and I came over to give you some gifts, though you'll get more at you and Sue's birthday party.  You were thrilled with your new Barbie car, bedroom set and bathroom.  I went back and forth between the "potty" and the car, but when we'd go to Target you would squat down and stare at the bathroom set.  So ta-da, a Barbie bathroom from Aunt Redhead!  And some books as well.  This year I decided to get both you and Sue books instead of cards.

You were so very sweet saying thank you as we left and you were taking your things up to your bedroom. You don't begrudgingly give me kisses anymore, though sometimes you still do that thing where you look so intense about it that your head shakes a little and you cross your eyes as we get closer.  You're still in that inbetween stage where most of what you say I can understand, but when you get going it gets a little gibberish.  You have such a tiny little frame, but a lot of might.  You have lovely brown eyes, and remind me so much of your mommy when she was a little girl.  It's so sweet watching you want to do the same things your big sister does, to see it from the younger sister's perspective.  I love to catch you humming a melody, whether made up or from one on your lullabye cd.

I'm very blessed that not only do I get to be your aunt, but your Godmother as well!  I love you Moo!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday sweetheart ;)

Tuesday, May 14

The Road So Far . . .

(imagine the song "Carry On My Wayward Son", by Kansas playing ;) )

I grew up loving to play Barbies and dolls with my sisters, and getting to be the mommy.  I always thought that I would get married and have 5 children before I turned 30.  Basically I thought I would be a "young" mom, I wanted to be.  After all I grew up with "young" parents, so that's the model I had to work from.

Bought my grandparent's house in the hopes that if you "build it and they will come".  However, husband never materialized.

Then six months or so after buying said home and a conversation with Friend I came across the idea of being a Choice Mom.  I really didn't have to "think" about it, I knew it's what I wanted.  However I've spent forever, or so it seems, in the "planning" phase.  I think it was harder deciding about adopting or having a child biologically when that whole force came upon me.

Then my parents were going to downsize and live with me, that later changed to me moving in with them as they graciously offered (and definitely had the larger space for us all) and I accepted.  Once that was figured and my house sold I moved back in.  Then after I made the decision to go ahead and try to have a bio baby and then down the road adopt my second, I made my consultation appointment.

I had my consultation back on 9/25, so almost eight months ago!  At this appointment, among everything else that happened, I was told that I may need to lose weight to bring down my bmi if I got to the point of needing to use injectibles.  You know "if" it got to that point.  I was told to call on my next CD1 and then make an appt for CD3 to get my CD3 labs (bloodwork) and s0n0 done.

I called up on CD1 and made my appointment for my CD3 bloodwork.  Unfortunately the doc that does the Sonos was out of town and I'd have to wait until my next cycle for that portion of the CD3 work up.  From that blood work I found out that I was CmV negative (which brought me back to the drawing board for donors, as the one I had in #1 position was positive and they won't do that at the clinic, neg woman and pos man), and that my Prolactin level was a bit elevated.

I spent time trying to figure out if I should start in 2012 or 2013.  Little did I know at that time that it really wasn't up to me, because it wasn't going to happen until 2013 at the earliest anyways.

Then in November right before Thanksgiving I saw the female RE, Dr. M, and her nurse and they performed the Sono, and all looked well.  Dr. M told me that she will have me do ovulation stimulation (so something like Clomid, if not actually Clomid).  Then she said that the next step would be me choosing my donor and ordering it through the andrologist.  After that I would be able to set up my Plan of Care appt and get the ball rolling.

With Christmas fast approaching, I decided it would be best financially to wait until January to meet with Andi and purchase my donor material.

I wait until early February to purchase the "material" since I'm thinking that the PoC appointment will be right after said purchase and then I will be on my way to TTC (trying to concieve) via IUI.  And since I was starting a new job in mid-Feb and then leaving to WDW right after that, it would all get pushed back until March.  Though I find out that my PoC appointment isn't until March :(

Then came March 8, just two days after turning 34, and the appointment I wasn't prepared for.  Dr. M told me at this appointment that I need to lose weight before I could even get a real PoC appoinment.  I had to use the weight loss place that she recommended and that I would need to bring my bmi down.  Fine, I'd do what I had to, but I was somewhat angry.  Why wasn't I told this at the consultation, or even when Dr. M saw me at the Sono and told me what the next steps were.  They also took blood again to check my prolactin levels again as well as for diabetes.  She also had me come in the following week to get my bp checked again, she was thinking of putting me on bp medicine.  Nurse M was going to be the one handling the bp check and setting up my next PoC with Dr. M.

But come the following week it was another nurse who did my BP check, which while still elevated I was never called about it or put on any meds.  Nurse M also wasn't there to make my next appt with Dr. M.  So I went to recpetion and set up my next blood test, the following month, to recheck my prolactin levels and one for my next PoC in two months.  In the car I realized on the card it said it was with Dr. R, the male RE.  I didn't care though, let's just get to it and hope I had dropped the twenty pounds (in two months--yipes!)  I did hear back earlier in the week about my prolactin level still being elevated and put on meds to bring it down.  I also got started on "the diet."

Mid-April I go in to get my blood drawn for the prolactin levels and actually can do it sitting up :)  When Nice Nurse calls back I find out that the meds brought my numbers waaaaaay down.  Now I was borderline too low, and told to stop the meds.  When I come in for my PoC they will do another draw and see where the number went.  If it goes back to borderline high, they'll just monitor it.

That brings us to today. . .where I'm freaking out about if I lost enough weight (13 pounds is not exactly 20 pounds :() and trying not to worry too much to give me another high bp reading.  I'm also meeting with someone I've never met and that can be a little bit for me too, worrisome, but not (?)  I so hope I'm not pushed back yet again, and am just trying to remain calm, and hopeful, for the appointment.

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you out there thinking about, trying, becoming, and being a mom. 

To those who are struggling, who have lost, and who continue trying to become the mom to the outside world that you already are on the inside.  To those sisters, aunts, grandmas, and friends who handle "mom" jobs.  To those who are the best mom they could be by making the ultimate sacrifice to be their child's "birth"mom, and to those who went through all the hard work to adopt their child.  To those who had their children the "old-fashioned" way, those who have endured a more scientific approach.  To those who brought their child into the world via donor(s) and to those who had their children brought into the world via another woman.  Whether you knew you would be a mommy since you were three or became a mommy when you met your child when they were three.  To all those moms whom circumstances I did not cover, don't think you're not included!

I hope that this time next year I too can be a "for real" mommy!

(Sorry, I was working this Sunday to close out the pay period.  I did get today off however, so it's my replacement Mother's Day ;)  I'll post more about that today :) )

Sunday, May 5

The Little Couple

I keep forgetting to post this up, but thankfully Catherine's post on it reminded me :)

The Little Couple is back for their new season on TLC.  They are on Tuesday nights, after the Duggars, on TLC at 9 pm CST.  You can watch as their journey to becoming parents finally is becoming a reality.  After trying for two years to get pregnant using a surrogate, as well as looking into and preparing to adopt a child, they are now adopting a little boy from China.

If you're interested in seeing what's involved in and their adoption experience, and a special needs child from China, make sure to tune in :)