Thursday, May 23

Citrus Lane January 2013

Gotta go back in time for a few posts to catch up to the May box I recieved recently.  Thought it would be fun to share here what cool stuff shows up on my door step each month now.  Whether you find these things as cool, or just shake your head at things out there for baby today I'm just glad your along with me for the ride :)

So without futher ado, here is the January 2013 Citrus Lane box I recieved for newborn/gender neutral:
(Okay, so this is just one of the boxes--so it's now a "stock" photo, with my hand covering my info)

(Here's the list of what's inside the box.  I guess last year they included the retail price of the item, but do not anymore.)

(And under the yellow tissue paper you find your goods :) )

This was the month I got half off, so for 12.50 I received:
Frankie Frog, by Tiny Love:
Found on Amazon for 8.49.  You can connect to activity gyms, strollers, or infant carriers.  Also come in other animals :)
Baby Prints Keepsake, by Pearhead
Found on Amazon for 10.49.  Something I would have definitely thought about getting anyways :)
Gripe Water, by Mommy's Bliss
Found on Amazon, in a two pack, for 15.75 (so about 7.88 for one.)  Again, something more "natural" that I would have been interested in :)
Skinny Charles Bangles, by Chewbeads
Found  on Amazon for 19.50.  Something safe and made out of silicone for baby to chew on, and fashionable for mom to wear ;)  They do come in a chunkier size and different colors.  This company makes other jewelry as well.

For this box, if these items were purchased from Amazon the total would have come to:  46.36 (not including any shipping you may have to pay).  This box has me saving 33.86.  If I had paid full price, 25.00, I still would be ahead by 21.36.  I feel these items would be used, so well worth the price!
Stay tuned for February 2013 box!

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