Monday, May 27

Citrus Lane March 2013 Box

Here we have the March 2013 Citrus Lane box that I recieved.  Remember I have a Sept. "due date" in for the birthdate at this point and the gender chosen is "neutral."

Good 'ol personal "stock" photo of box :)

On side of box :)

Here's what's in store this month.

Here's what was under that yellow tissue paper.
Art Cards for Baby, by Wee Gallery
Found on Amazon for 12.95.  Comes in different "collections", wish I had got the woodland ones, but these are cool too!  Baby can see black and white contrast well, and can use them as flash cards as they get older.

Peekaboo Lovie by cloudb
Found on Amazon for 9.99.  I was soooooooooo excited about getting this item!  I love cloudb and their adorable things :)

Organic Socks in "Farm", by i play
Found on Amazon for 5.00.  Are these not so stinkin' cute?!  I like these better than the "girl" option anyways--sooooo adorable, and organic- score!

Found on Amazon for 11.99/8 oz. (this sample size was 1 oz. that I received so about-1.50)   I do enjoy finding new and "safer" shampoo/body wash.  Both baby and I can use this and looking forward to it :)

Found on Amazon for 45.99/1.7 oz. (my sample was .5 oz that I received-so about 13.52) This moisturizer was one of the mommy's treats. I haven't used it yet, not sure if I will or not.  Ehhh.

Then there was a coupon to get 20 off a 40 or more purchase.  I have not used this either.  It's another subscription service to get shoes, purses, accessories sent to your home.  All shoes are 40.00.

So I spent $25 and got a total of 62.96 in my box.  Saving me 37.96.  Now taking out the JustFab and pur-moist, as they weren't really a "deal" for me I saved:  4.44.  However the cloudb lamb and those adorable socks keep me wanting more ;)  

Stay tuned for April 2013 Box.

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