Tuesday, May 21

Citrus Lane

When watching a few of the mommy/cloth diapering youtube channels that I enjoy, I found out about Citrus Lane.  It's a subscription box service that you recieve monthly.  You enter in your child's age and gender, so that they are more specifically tailored to your child.   It is for newborn to 3 years old, though I think they are expanding to go to 5.  They are more geared towards environmentally friendly/green products, and they try to include a "mommy" item in each box as well.

Back in January (of 2013), they had a "try me" code, where it was half off for the box.  You can also choose which plan works for you.  Either pay each month, $25 with free shipping, or pay in advance for three months, or even in advance for a year-in which the price drops to $21/mo.  So I used the code to pay 12.50, free shipping, and see just what the hub bub was.  

For the age, I put in what would have been my due date had I tried and gotten pregnant in December of last year.  Then in the child's name fields, I just put a "?" for the first and last.  Then for gender you could choose-boy, girl, or neutral.  For that one, you got it, I chose neutral.  

When I got my box, I loved it so much I have continued to pay/recieve them!  It's buying something for baby, but I'm not specifically doing it---if that makes sense?  I had also tried three other subscription box services that were for beauty or green choices, for a woman, but quit those after one shipment.  And although they were only 10-15 dollars, so much cheaper, I didn't find the joy and anticipation of getting them anywhere like I do for this box.  Now hopefully in the near future I'll be able to change "baby's birthdate/due date" with them, and even further down the road the gender as well.  

I do want to share my giddiness from this like gift openings and show you as well what I have been/will get in my boxes.  More pictures and cool new things to discover coming up :)

Should you be interested in getting or even gifting this to another mommy/daddy (-to-be), aunt/uncle, grandma/grandpa, niece/nephew, friend, whoever, you can use this link http://ctrus.me/cb6W, in which you recieve $10 off your first box :)

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