Wednesday, May 22

Happy 5th Birthday!

Sue, how can it be you're already five?!

You've done, learned and grown so much in this past year.  You've got an elephant's memory when it comes to promises made to you and conversations had with you :)  You're such a good big sister, though it can be hard at times (I understand).  I just know you'll be a wonderful big cousin to my future children.  You even have names picked out for the girl (you not soooo secretly want me to have), like Sparkle Glitter.  But you do tell me that a boy would be good to have too.  You've taken what we've told you about God deciding whether it's a girl or boy, and even applied it to today when I asked you how many babies I would have.  At first it was two and then quickly to one (my eyes must have gotten huge ;) ), and then that I would just have to wait to see what God gives me.

You have a definite love of Disney World, or simply as you call it "Vacation."  I'm sad that I won't get to go this summer and take a spin in the teacups with you.  You tell me that you have to grow up so that you can ride more rides at Disney World, and I seriously doubt a day has gone by since last vacation that you haven't brought upWDW.  You still love all things pink, kittens, unicorns, rainbows, princesses and dresses.  You are most definitely a little girly girl. You also take things very much to heart and remind me of some other emotional oldest sister (;) ).

You are such a sweetheart, cutie pie and love bug!  I can't wait to see how you blossom this year, with all the things that being five brings.  I can only hope times slows down just a fraction so I can remember you at this age.

I love you Sue!!

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  1. Everyone says "they grow up so fast" and boy are they right. It is so cliché but so true!! :((


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