Tuesday, May 14

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you out there thinking about, trying, becoming, and being a mom. 

To those who are struggling, who have lost, and who continue trying to become the mom to the outside world that you already are on the inside.  To those sisters, aunts, grandmas, and friends who handle "mom" jobs.  To those who are the best mom they could be by making the ultimate sacrifice to be their child's "birth"mom, and to those who went through all the hard work to adopt their child.  To those who had their children the "old-fashioned" way, those who have endured a more scientific approach.  To those who brought their child into the world via donor(s) and to those who had their children brought into the world via another woman.  Whether you knew you would be a mommy since you were three or became a mommy when you met your child when they were three.  To all those moms whom circumstances I did not cover, don't think you're not included!

I hope that this time next year I too can be a "for real" mommy!

(Sorry, I was working this Sunday to close out the pay period.  I did get today off however, so it's my replacement Mother's Day ;)  I'll post more about that today :) )

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