Monday, May 20

Happy Third Birthday!

Holy Buckets Moo.  When I started this blog, I was writing a Happy 3rd Birthday post to your big sister.  And now you have hit that milestone.  Time certainly goes way to fast.

You had a Birthday Cake that your mommy made for you tonight.  It was covered in purple frosting and sprinkles, except for where the number three was in the middle.  Grandma and I came over to give you some gifts, though you'll get more at you and Sue's birthday party.  You were thrilled with your new Barbie car, bedroom set and bathroom.  I went back and forth between the "potty" and the car, but when we'd go to Target you would squat down and stare at the bathroom set.  So ta-da, a Barbie bathroom from Aunt Redhead!  And some books as well.  This year I decided to get both you and Sue books instead of cards.

You were so very sweet saying thank you as we left and you were taking your things up to your bedroom. You don't begrudgingly give me kisses anymore, though sometimes you still do that thing where you look so intense about it that your head shakes a little and you cross your eyes as we get closer.  You're still in that inbetween stage where most of what you say I can understand, but when you get going it gets a little gibberish.  You have such a tiny little frame, but a lot of might.  You have lovely brown eyes, and remind me so much of your mommy when she was a little girl.  It's so sweet watching you want to do the same things your big sister does, to see it from the younger sister's perspective.  I love to catch you humming a melody, whether made up or from one on your lullabye cd.

I'm very blessed that not only do I get to be your aunt, but your Godmother as well!  I love you Moo!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday sweetheart ;)

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  1. Sorry I never really get to read your blog, but now on summer break i have a little extra time! It is so sweet to read what you think of your nieces! Love you!!!


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