Sunday, June 30

*And the Magic 8 Ball Says. . .

. . .Ask Again Later.

Rats :(  Well, that just means that I'm not one of the lucky ones who get a baby out of IUI #1.  I'm not out though!  I'll be honest with you that once I tested that trigger out of my system, I kept testing every morning, and darn if that test line never came back.  Yesterday morning, my given test day from the clinic, I knew I was expecting it to be a negative.  Though I did keep a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, the second line would I appear and I would let out a squeal of delight and jump up and down.  Instead it went as I knew it would.  I had cried it out on Thursday, and prayed, and so yesterday it was a little sad, but at least I knew I could start planning for the next try.

And I did hold out a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, the brown spotting I was having wasn't AF on her way in, but just early pregnancy spotting.  That lasted until late afternoon, and since then.  The cramping and other such fun things that AF brings lets me know the next cycle has started.  Which means that I'm definitely out for trying this month, just because I don't have any sp.erm already at the bank.  Plus it looks like my insurance is not covering the actual IUI day--showing I'll need to cover ~450.00.  The clinic sent me their bill, but I think they sent it before insurance said they want me to pay for it.  The clinic just shows me owing 15.00, and that they billed insurance for the rest.  So I'm still expecting the bill to be resent telling me I'll need to pay for that too.  I'm still extremely lucky and blessed that the rest has basically been covered by insurance, it just stinks that I was assuming they were covering the whole IUI process, I didn't exactly plan for this little hiccup financially.

Right now I'm thinking that IUI 2 will be the cycle that starts around mid-August, with the IUI being at the beginning of September.  That gives me some time to choose a new donor, because I saw a new one and think I may go with him.  It'll help me write some donor series posts while actually going through the decision to change my choice (again.)  It will give my body a break in-between drugs/hormones.  A chance to lose a little more weight on my own (I cancelled the diet plan that Dr. M told me to do, as for my personality type it was causing me to be anxious and stressed.)  And of course to find out if I'm going to actually (I'm sure I will) going to have to pay for the IUI, and of course purchase the new donor's specimen.

It does stink, waiting again just to get back to IUI time, but since it's a self induced wait, it's not as bad as being told I HAVE to wait.  Man, though, I do have to give the women and couples who have done this far longer, and far further than I, a lot of respect for going through all of this.  All the meds/hormones/appointments/blood draws/internal ultrasounds/procedures/waits/and BFNs, is really hard on a person.  I really have to make myself step back and remember to hand it over to the Lord, and know it's all in His time.  Especially when you just want to know when and if it's going to work.  There's just no gaurantee and that sinks.

Luckily I can still be naive ;), since I'm still in the early stages of trying, and believe that my gut feeling of IUI #2 being "the one" will work.  That I could possibly have baby born the day between Sue and Moo's birthdays (remember they are two days apart.)  That sounds nice ;)

Friday, June 21

The Longest Day of the Year or June Citrus Lane Box

And since it's the first Day of Summer 2013, I thought I'd share my June 2013 Citrus Lane Box.  Remember I have a Sept. "due date" in for the birthdate at this point and the gender chosen is "neutral."

Here's the box.  All I knew is that it would have to do with summer.

A sneak peek of what's inside!

What's under that yellow tissue?

And all laid out ;)

Sun Protection Hat, by iPlay

Found on Amazon for 10.50.  Has 50 SPF+ which is good for my probably very fair skinned child.  I was a smidge disappointed, only because I had bought one like it on clearance last year at TAr.get.

Odd Duck, by Boon

Found on Amazon for 6.99.  This one I was probably too excited about :)  I really wanted these cool ducks!  They will be the bathroom decor as well as a fun toy to play with. . .so excited to get one of these :)

Starting Solids, by Happy Family
Found on Amazon for 26.84/16pkg (1.68/1).  I know I have bought these, or these type of "food bags" :) for my nieces.  Love that their organic!  Unfortunately this one's expiration date is before the earliest due date I would have.  So off to the niece's :)

Foot Therapy Cream, by Susan Brown's Baby

Found on Amazon for 11.20.  What a sweet treat for mommy, as it is full size!  Very nice to send foot cream, even if I find feet rubbing right now to be extremely ticklish!!!  Who knows what pregnancy may bring :)

For this box, if these items were purchased from Amazon the total would have come to:  30.37 (not including any shipping you may have to pay).  This box has me saving 5.37.  Maybe this month's wasn't the most cost saving, but I LOVE that boon duck ;)  Can't wait to see what July brings!

Wednesday, June 12

*The Post with the Plan

Today I went in for my mid-cycle ultrasound.  Mom accompanied me to my 0745 appointment this morning.  I had my blood drawn for my hormone levels by sweet Nurse Vamp and then headed over to the ultrasound room.

It was the same room and Nurse NNS from my CD3 scan/appointment.  First up was a tour of my left side, which she said had nothing in it.  That was very strange to me since that is the side I felt so many twinges/cramps on, I was sure *something* was there.  I knew though that my right side was the one that had the two follicles at 3mm each at the last scan though.

Off we went to explore the right side.  First stop in this division was my uterus and the lining.  They look for, like it seems most RE's do, for an 8mm lining or higher (just not too high.) Now one thing that Clomid is known for doing is thining out this lining.  Mine, whether from just my biology or the help of the Pom juice, was at a 9.5.  She said that was great.  Now off to find the follies (follicles).

Remember that they want the follicles to be 18-24mm in order to trigger and do the IUI.  At this size they are mature and an egg will "pop" out.  She came across one, and it was now at 17mm.  Don't worry though ;), the other 3mm follicle also grew and is at a 17.5mm.  Follicles grow at about 1-2mm per day, so they should be just the right size come ovulation.  She said that as long as my blood work showed a low LH level that I would probably have my IUI come this weekend.

Uhhhhh. . .it seemed to me like they weren't open on the weekends.  So once the ultrasound was over, I asked again, "So this weekend?"  Nurse NNS said that she believed it would, unless they thought I would ovulate prior to that, then maybe Friday.  Alright I guess they are in on the weekends.  Probably just for IUI/IVF procedures.  She told me that Dr. M was the one in today and so she would create the plan and they would call me later to go over it.

Afterwards mom and I headed to the compounding pharmacy to pick up my "trigger" shot.  We had to wait to see if my insurance would cover any of it.  So it went from the pharmacist to the financial lady at the clinic to my insurance back to the financial lady and then to the pharmacist.  I was lucky that it did cover some it.  I know, very lucky!  The brand name of my 10000 Hc.G trigger is Pre.gnyl.  At the pharmacy I was at it is 57.00 and after insurance I paid 33.66.

A little before 3 pm I got the call on my cell phone of the plan of action.  Tomorrow, Thursday, night I will need to do my trigger shot-which will cause me to ovulate about 36hrs later-between 9 and 10 pm.  Saturday is then the "big day".  I will call the andrology lab about 715 am to tell them to prepare the donor specimen.  My IUI appointment is then at 900 am.

Holy cow it is almost here-yipes!  I'm hoping it just takes the one time, but prepared that it won't.  I know that there's the possibility that both eggs fertilize and I end up with twins-or more if they divide!-or a BFN (big fat no-on the pregnancy test).  All I can do is pray and hope :)

Tuesday, June 11

Hand Me Downs :)

I have been so blessed already by receiving things from my sister that her three daughters have outgrown/are too old for now.  Her sweet Moses basket and a TON of clothing.  And since they are three girls, it's oh, 95% girly clothes.  I have already gotten them laundered, folded and separated by age groups.  Now if I find out I am having a little girl, I'll go back through them and separate to be summer/spring and winter/fall for each size range, as I do have two little late May babies and a late December baby, so it's pretty much covered.

That's not even all she's given me either!

I have three plastic box/tubs that are under the crib right now.  One has cloth diapers that will be too big for a newborn.  One has girl clothes for a newborn/preemie, that I can take out and put in the bins if I find out I'm having a girl.  And the third has a few boy clothes, and the rest is girl shoes, swim hats, and girl accessories.  
Under the Crib

Cloth Diaper Tub

Baby Girl Tub

"Baby Boy" Tub (that has girl stuff in it--hey, I don't have any nephews)

There is a large tote in the closet that has outfits/bibs/accessories for holidays.  There is another tote in the closet that has "bigger" gender neutral/boy clothing items.  Then under the stairs, in my storage area, I have two big totes filled with girl clothes.  

My Storage Area--Got that High Chair for Christmas 2010 :)

Clear Tub and Green Tub have girl clothes.

So as long as baby is a girl, I'm pretty set with outfitting her.    Though looking at that picture (top) and all the clothes. . .I'm pretty sure it's just begging for baby to be a boy ;)

Monday, June 10

Nursery Window

Everyone come and gather round for the intriguing tale of the Nursery Window.

Ok, so maybe it's not that exciting, nor intriguing, but I do like to have these little stories of the details that happened on my way to TTC that I can recount at a later time.  And definitely make my teenager sit down and listen to, because I just *know* they are going to want to here this one!  What's that?  No, no they're not going to want to hear this one.  That is truly a shock, I thought everyone wanted to know about their parent's(s') nursery window dilemmas ;)

Originally when I moved back in and when this room would change from an office/craft room to a nursery there was green valance.  When I finally got around to painting the room, it was taken down and nothing went up in it's place.  The white blinds just hung in there, even if they had become a little crooked in the way they hung.

Then I came up with the Woodland Tails theme that I wanted to use for future baby's room theme.  I figured that it was gender neutral enough and could last a bit past babyhood to boot.  Then I knew I wanted some black-out curtains that I would put closest to the window and by using a double curtain rod I could also make some curtains of my own from the fabric I like and hang that so it's the "viewable" one in the room.  
Deciding on the spot in Target to get their cheap white double rod, I made a boo boo.   I just grabbed one, and with no measurements it was too small for the window.  I was for sure though that it was the type of rod I wanted to use, as I like that it curves around to the wall.  I definitely think that helps in keeping light from shooting out the sides, like in my bedroom with the cute but straight rod.

After taking measurements, I went back with a purpose to buy the right size, and also get a black out curtain as well.  By this time the walls had been painted the blue, the furniture was either wood or wood laminate, and the cute rug I got on sale was a green.  I had some organizing baskets in blue and green, and found that the blackout curtains at Target also came in those similar colors.  However they also had this yellow.  I thought it would be nice to have a pop of color that while still fitting into the theme, I didn't really have elsewhere.  (Well in accent pieces I guess, that I have for the "You Are My Sunshine" portion of the room.)  I just bought one because I wanted to see how well it worked.
This is the one that I purchased:

I definitely loved the color, and how well it worked with the room.  The design was even cute on it.  Blocking out 99% of the light, even with the blinds down, during the day, it did not.  But I really hadn't seen anything else out there. . .not just at Target. . .that looked as "right" for the room, as well as being around $15 a panel.  

When I finally made my decision that these were the curtains I wanted, I returned to Target to pick up another one.  Only to my dismay, they no longer carried that particular color in store anymore.  Argh!  The associate I asked  was even kind enough to check the stock and clearance endcaps, but no luck.  She did say to check online though.  To think when I'm there, you know weekly, that I try to check the endcaps that I know have clearanced items and a quick glance down the aisles to see if there are any "sale" slips next to items.  That is how I found my rug for the nursery.  It was a close enough replica of the flokati rugs I've fallen in love with for a nursery and in the green that matched the room, and of course a fraction of the price.  
Now the walls were like the sky, the rug like grass and the darn curtain like the sun.  

After pricing the fabric and deciding how much I needed to make a rag quilt for baby, as well as making a crib skirt and crib sheet, I decided against making curtains.  I should have enough fabric though for KK and Dad to make a cornice to go at the top of the window though.  I would have it made simple and then put a piece of wood on the inside to keep light from coming out of the top, for now.  I had been stalking ebay for the curtains, before I remembered what the associate said about  I saw them there and thought that I would just go ahead and buy three more.  This way I could layer two in the front and two in the back.  And hope it would block out enough light.  I just want to ensure darkness once they are in the nursery to sleep, and are still little.  Heck I like having the light shut out in the summer so it's not all bright at, truly, the crack of dawn.  Another thing I wanted to do was get new blinds.  

The other room that faces the back of the house has "wood" blinds in it.  I thought wood ones would look cute in the nursery anyways to fit in with the theme and the fact that all the trim and furniture (excluding the chair and ottoman) are wood/brown.  The fact that it would match the other window to the outside world was even better.  I also decided to get some for my bedroom as well, as the ones in there were broke and had be either down or squished up and I held them from the top with old hair elastics.  The other front facing window has white honeycomb blinds--that block out light--so I wanted to at least match that style.  Mine don't block out light like the old ones do, but they do lower from the top, and for now I'm in love with that feature.  I can get light into the room and see the sky without having to see the street and other houses, or vice-versa.

I did go ahead and get the curtains and those came in before the blinds.  The blinds did come in before they were even estimated to ship out, so that was a nice surprise.  With the help of Dad, or more like me trying to assist him, we got the blinds up this week and I love the looks!

Morning, with curtains closed (before new blinds though)



Thursday, June 6

Cloth Diaper Mama Wanna-Be

Yep, that's me.  I really want to cloth diaper my baby.  I don't know when I decided that.  Maybe because when it did, it didn't feel like a monumental decision.  Just that it was something I wanted to do, and that was before I saw how cute and fun it all looked.

I've spent a lot of hours on utube watching vidoes of different types of cloth diapers and the brands and what worked and didn't work for the utuber's child and why or why not.  There are a lot of online stores that cater to cloth, as well as finding them on amazon.  It was actually this site that I got my "start" into the cloth diaper world, that much I remember.  I started asking, and receiving diapers and paraphanelia on my 31st Birthday.  I stalk eb.ay for good deals, check some sites for seconds, and watch for big sales--like on Black Frida.y.  I've read and subscribe to blogs where all they discuss is cloth diapering.  I've become a bit obsessed with it all ;)  I even tried some of my stuff out on the middle niece, after all she was supposed to be my "practice baby."  Mom's all excited about doing the "fluff" laundry when baby gets here.  But these aren't the same diapers she used on me, no they sure have changed!

And now I'm going to drag you into this world with me ;)  In this, my Cloth Diaper Series.

Tuesday, June 4

Crib Skirt

When I fell in love with the Woodland Tails fabric and decided to make that the theme for my nursery, I went into it knowing that meant I would have to attempt to make some items.

One of the things that I would need to make is a crib skirt.  Now I didn't HAVE to make one, but as I have some totes underneath, I wanted to hide those.  I took some time choosing which pattern from the Woodland Tails series I wanted to use.  I finally decided on the striped fabric.  I also needed to figure out just how I was going to make said crib skirt.  After looking on blogs, tutorial sites and yout.ube, I came across a no-sew method and thought it looked simple enough.  I did my measuring and purchased three yards of fabric.   I only needed to make a long side and a short side for the skirt, since the other two sides are against walls.  I also picked up from a local hobby store, the other items needed to make the skirt without touching needle and thread.

What I needed.

The fabric that had been mailed to me.  I think I did a pretty good job of matching the blue paint, green rug, and yellow curtains ;)

I bought this 2 yds of fabric at the same time.  It will hopefully be made into a cornice!

And a close-up of the fabric being used.

Measuring and cutting the pieces needed.

Iron and Heat n Bond.  Also use velcro to attach it to the crib.

After ironing on the bonding agent.  

Attached by velcro to the springs.  Can add more velcro when it's raised up.  Right now it's lowered since my youngest niece uses it when napping over here :)

The two sides, completed.  Yes, that's the crib my two sisters used.  Yes, it's safe.  Bonus-no plastic parts used.  Both the youngest nieces have slept many times in it.  (The oldest was out of a crib by the time I put it up at my other house.  So she's sat/laid in it, but not actually slept in it.)

Here's the before:

Here's the video I followed to make my very own crib skirt.  I'm so glad I did it, and think it's pretty cute :)

(Next Project: Fitted Crib Sheet)

Monday, June 3

Circle and Bloom

I found out about this company and more specifically the program for IVF and IUI, a few years back.  I recently went ahead and purchased the download, and have it all locked and loaded on my iPod.  I've listened to a few of the sessions already, but will be listening faithfully this whole cycle.  I'll let you know more about how I felt it worked as I go along, but for now here are some other bloggers' reviews if you are interested.

TTC Hopeful
Ambivalent Womb

It's a mind-body program, that lasts for about 15 minutes a session.  There are different cd/downloads from a Natural Cycle for Fertility to Egg and Embryo Donation.  If it can give me 15 minutes of relaxation a day, I'm up for that :)  If you're interested you can get 15% off a program by using the discount code "FRIEND15".