Thursday, June 6

Cloth Diaper Mama Wanna-Be

Yep, that's me.  I really want to cloth diaper my baby.  I don't know when I decided that.  Maybe because when it did, it didn't feel like a monumental decision.  Just that it was something I wanted to do, and that was before I saw how cute and fun it all looked.

I've spent a lot of hours on utube watching vidoes of different types of cloth diapers and the brands and what worked and didn't work for the utuber's child and why or why not.  There are a lot of online stores that cater to cloth, as well as finding them on amazon.  It was actually this site that I got my "start" into the cloth diaper world, that much I remember.  I started asking, and receiving diapers and paraphanelia on my 31st Birthday.  I stalk eb.ay for good deals, check some sites for seconds, and watch for big sales--like on Black Frida.y.  I've read and subscribe to blogs where all they discuss is cloth diapering.  I've become a bit obsessed with it all ;)  I even tried some of my stuff out on the middle niece, after all she was supposed to be my "practice baby."  Mom's all excited about doing the "fluff" laundry when baby gets here.  But these aren't the same diapers she used on me, no they sure have changed!

And now I'm going to drag you into this world with me ;)  In this, my Cloth Diaper Series.

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