Tuesday, June 4

Crib Skirt

When I fell in love with the Woodland Tails fabric and decided to make that the theme for my nursery, I went into it knowing that meant I would have to attempt to make some items.

One of the things that I would need to make is a crib skirt.  Now I didn't HAVE to make one, but as I have some totes underneath, I wanted to hide those.  I took some time choosing which pattern from the Woodland Tails series I wanted to use.  I finally decided on the striped fabric.  I also needed to figure out just how I was going to make said crib skirt.  After looking on blogs, tutorial sites and yout.ube, I came across a no-sew method and thought it looked simple enough.  I did my measuring and purchased three yards of fabric.   I only needed to make a long side and a short side for the skirt, since the other two sides are against walls.  I also picked up from a local hobby store, the other items needed to make the skirt without touching needle and thread.

What I needed.

The fabric that had been mailed to me.  I think I did a pretty good job of matching the blue paint, green rug, and yellow curtains ;)

I bought this 2 yds of fabric at the same time.  It will hopefully be made into a cornice!

And a close-up of the fabric being used.

Measuring and cutting the pieces needed.

Iron and Heat n Bond.  Also use velcro to attach it to the crib.

After ironing on the bonding agent.  

Attached by velcro to the springs.  Can add more velcro when it's raised up.  Right now it's lowered since my youngest niece uses it when napping over here :)

The two sides, completed.  Yes, that's the crib my two sisters used.  Yes, it's safe.  Bonus-no plastic parts used.  Both the youngest nieces have slept many times in it.  (The oldest was out of a crib by the time I put it up at my other house.  So she's sat/laid in it, but not actually slept in it.)

Here's the before:

Here's the video I followed to make my very own crib skirt.  I'm so glad I did it, and think it's pretty cute :)

(Next Project: Fitted Crib Sheet)

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