Tuesday, June 11

Hand Me Downs :)

I have been so blessed already by receiving things from my sister that her three daughters have outgrown/are too old for now.  Her sweet Moses basket and a TON of clothing.  And since they are three girls, it's oh, 95% girly clothes.  I have already gotten them laundered, folded and separated by age groups.  Now if I find out I am having a little girl, I'll go back through them and separate to be summer/spring and winter/fall for each size range, as I do have two little late May babies and a late December baby, so it's pretty much covered.

That's not even all she's given me either!

I have three plastic box/tubs that are under the crib right now.  One has cloth diapers that will be too big for a newborn.  One has girl clothes for a newborn/preemie, that I can take out and put in the bins if I find out I'm having a girl.  And the third has a few boy clothes, and the rest is girl shoes, swim hats, and girl accessories.  
Under the Crib

Cloth Diaper Tub

Baby Girl Tub

"Baby Boy" Tub (that has girl stuff in it--hey, I don't have any nephews)

There is a large tote in the closet that has outfits/bibs/accessories for holidays.  There is another tote in the closet that has "bigger" gender neutral/boy clothing items.  Then under the stairs, in my storage area, I have two big totes filled with girl clothes.  

My Storage Area--Got that High Chair for Christmas 2010 :)

Clear Tub and Green Tub have girl clothes.

So as long as baby is a girl, I'm pretty set with outfitting her.    Though looking at that picture (top) and all the clothes. . .I'm pretty sure it's just begging for baby to be a boy ;)

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