Monday, June 10

Nursery Window

Everyone come and gather round for the intriguing tale of the Nursery Window.

Ok, so maybe it's not that exciting, nor intriguing, but I do like to have these little stories of the details that happened on my way to TTC that I can recount at a later time.  And definitely make my teenager sit down and listen to, because I just *know* they are going to want to here this one!  What's that?  No, no they're not going to want to hear this one.  That is truly a shock, I thought everyone wanted to know about their parent's(s') nursery window dilemmas ;)

Originally when I moved back in and when this room would change from an office/craft room to a nursery there was green valance.  When I finally got around to painting the room, it was taken down and nothing went up in it's place.  The white blinds just hung in there, even if they had become a little crooked in the way they hung.

Then I came up with the Woodland Tails theme that I wanted to use for future baby's room theme.  I figured that it was gender neutral enough and could last a bit past babyhood to boot.  Then I knew I wanted some black-out curtains that I would put closest to the window and by using a double curtain rod I could also make some curtains of my own from the fabric I like and hang that so it's the "viewable" one in the room.  
Deciding on the spot in Target to get their cheap white double rod, I made a boo boo.   I just grabbed one, and with no measurements it was too small for the window.  I was for sure though that it was the type of rod I wanted to use, as I like that it curves around to the wall.  I definitely think that helps in keeping light from shooting out the sides, like in my bedroom with the cute but straight rod.

After taking measurements, I went back with a purpose to buy the right size, and also get a black out curtain as well.  By this time the walls had been painted the blue, the furniture was either wood or wood laminate, and the cute rug I got on sale was a green.  I had some organizing baskets in blue and green, and found that the blackout curtains at Target also came in those similar colors.  However they also had this yellow.  I thought it would be nice to have a pop of color that while still fitting into the theme, I didn't really have elsewhere.  (Well in accent pieces I guess, that I have for the "You Are My Sunshine" portion of the room.)  I just bought one because I wanted to see how well it worked.
This is the one that I purchased:

I definitely loved the color, and how well it worked with the room.  The design was even cute on it.  Blocking out 99% of the light, even with the blinds down, during the day, it did not.  But I really hadn't seen anything else out there. . .not just at Target. . .that looked as "right" for the room, as well as being around $15 a panel.  

When I finally made my decision that these were the curtains I wanted, I returned to Target to pick up another one.  Only to my dismay, they no longer carried that particular color in store anymore.  Argh!  The associate I asked  was even kind enough to check the stock and clearance endcaps, but no luck.  She did say to check online though.  To think when I'm there, you know weekly, that I try to check the endcaps that I know have clearanced items and a quick glance down the aisles to see if there are any "sale" slips next to items.  That is how I found my rug for the nursery.  It was a close enough replica of the flokati rugs I've fallen in love with for a nursery and in the green that matched the room, and of course a fraction of the price.  
Now the walls were like the sky, the rug like grass and the darn curtain like the sun.  

After pricing the fabric and deciding how much I needed to make a rag quilt for baby, as well as making a crib skirt and crib sheet, I decided against making curtains.  I should have enough fabric though for KK and Dad to make a cornice to go at the top of the window though.  I would have it made simple and then put a piece of wood on the inside to keep light from coming out of the top, for now.  I had been stalking ebay for the curtains, before I remembered what the associate said about  I saw them there and thought that I would just go ahead and buy three more.  This way I could layer two in the front and two in the back.  And hope it would block out enough light.  I just want to ensure darkness once they are in the nursery to sleep, and are still little.  Heck I like having the light shut out in the summer so it's not all bright at, truly, the crack of dawn.  Another thing I wanted to do was get new blinds.  

The other room that faces the back of the house has "wood" blinds in it.  I thought wood ones would look cute in the nursery anyways to fit in with the theme and the fact that all the trim and furniture (excluding the chair and ottoman) are wood/brown.  The fact that it would match the other window to the outside world was even better.  I also decided to get some for my bedroom as well, as the ones in there were broke and had be either down or squished up and I held them from the top with old hair elastics.  The other front facing window has white honeycomb blinds--that block out light--so I wanted to at least match that style.  Mine don't block out light like the old ones do, but they do lower from the top, and for now I'm in love with that feature.  I can get light into the room and see the sky without having to see the street and other houses, or vice-versa.

I did go ahead and get the curtains and those came in before the blinds.  The blinds did come in before they were even estimated to ship out, so that was a nice surprise.  With the help of Dad, or more like me trying to assist him, we got the blinds up this week and I love the looks!

Morning, with curtains closed (before new blinds though)



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