Friday, June 21

The Longest Day of the Year or June Citrus Lane Box

And since it's the first Day of Summer 2013, I thought I'd share my June 2013 Citrus Lane Box.  Remember I have a Sept. "due date" in for the birthdate at this point and the gender chosen is "neutral."

Here's the box.  All I knew is that it would have to do with summer.

A sneak peek of what's inside!

What's under that yellow tissue?

And all laid out ;)

Sun Protection Hat, by iPlay

Found on Amazon for 10.50.  Has 50 SPF+ which is good for my probably very fair skinned child.  I was a smidge disappointed, only because I had bought one like it on clearance last year at TAr.get.

Odd Duck, by Boon

Found on Amazon for 6.99.  This one I was probably too excited about :)  I really wanted these cool ducks!  They will be the bathroom decor as well as a fun toy to play with. . .so excited to get one of these :)

Starting Solids, by Happy Family
Found on Amazon for 26.84/16pkg (1.68/1).  I know I have bought these, or these type of "food bags" :) for my nieces.  Love that their organic!  Unfortunately this one's expiration date is before the earliest due date I would have.  So off to the niece's :)

Foot Therapy Cream, by Susan Brown's Baby

Found on Amazon for 11.20.  What a sweet treat for mommy, as it is full size!  Very nice to send foot cream, even if I find feet rubbing right now to be extremely ticklish!!!  Who knows what pregnancy may bring :)

For this box, if these items were purchased from Amazon the total would have come to:  30.37 (not including any shipping you may have to pay).  This box has me saving 5.37.  Maybe this month's wasn't the most cost saving, but I LOVE that boon duck ;)  Can't wait to see what July brings!

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