Wednesday, June 12

*The Post with the Plan

Today I went in for my mid-cycle ultrasound.  Mom accompanied me to my 0745 appointment this morning.  I had my blood drawn for my hormone levels by sweet Nurse Vamp and then headed over to the ultrasound room.

It was the same room and Nurse NNS from my CD3 scan/appointment.  First up was a tour of my left side, which she said had nothing in it.  That was very strange to me since that is the side I felt so many twinges/cramps on, I was sure *something* was there.  I knew though that my right side was the one that had the two follicles at 3mm each at the last scan though.

Off we went to explore the right side.  First stop in this division was my uterus and the lining.  They look for, like it seems most RE's do, for an 8mm lining or higher (just not too high.) Now one thing that Clomid is known for doing is thining out this lining.  Mine, whether from just my biology or the help of the Pom juice, was at a 9.5.  She said that was great.  Now off to find the follies (follicles).

Remember that they want the follicles to be 18-24mm in order to trigger and do the IUI.  At this size they are mature and an egg will "pop" out.  She came across one, and it was now at 17mm.  Don't worry though ;), the other 3mm follicle also grew and is at a 17.5mm.  Follicles grow at about 1-2mm per day, so they should be just the right size come ovulation.  She said that as long as my blood work showed a low LH level that I would probably have my IUI come this weekend.

Uhhhhh. . .it seemed to me like they weren't open on the weekends.  So once the ultrasound was over, I asked again, "So this weekend?"  Nurse NNS said that she believed it would, unless they thought I would ovulate prior to that, then maybe Friday.  Alright I guess they are in on the weekends.  Probably just for IUI/IVF procedures.  She told me that Dr. M was the one in today and so she would create the plan and they would call me later to go over it.

Afterwards mom and I headed to the compounding pharmacy to pick up my "trigger" shot.  We had to wait to see if my insurance would cover any of it.  So it went from the pharmacist to the financial lady at the clinic to my insurance back to the financial lady and then to the pharmacist.  I was lucky that it did cover some it.  I know, very lucky!  The brand name of my 10000 Hc.G trigger is Pre.gnyl.  At the pharmacy I was at it is 57.00 and after insurance I paid 33.66.

A little before 3 pm I got the call on my cell phone of the plan of action.  Tomorrow, Thursday, night I will need to do my trigger shot-which will cause me to ovulate about 36hrs later-between 9 and 10 pm.  Saturday is then the "big day".  I will call the andrology lab about 715 am to tell them to prepare the donor specimen.  My IUI appointment is then at 900 am.

Holy cow it is almost here-yipes!  I'm hoping it just takes the one time, but prepared that it won't.  I know that there's the possibility that both eggs fertilize and I end up with twins-or more if they divide!-or a BFN (big fat no-on the pregnancy test).  All I can do is pray and hope :)

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