Thursday, August 29

Layover to Mommyville

I've entered the cycle that I was planning on being IUI #2.  I'm not keeping you out of the loop, in that way.  I'm currently not doing any treatments and after a LOT of consideration I've decided to put these plans on hold.  Yep, it's really hard to do :(

Ugh, I didn't want to really type this up either ;)  but while being a little blue that it didn't happen the first time out of the gates, there was also the real possibility that there could have been a multiples pregnancy as well.  I found myself wishing that I had stayed that same frugal gal I was all the way up through college.  Then I wouldn't be freaking out about how I would afford more than one baby.  I also thought about how 40 year old me would think about right now.  Would she be saying, "If only I had paid down my debts, I'd be so much better off now."  So honestly that's what I've decided to do.  Get my consumer debts paid off.  This will be a long dry spell, but I think best for my future sanity as well as finances. 

No, I'm not waiting to have a set amount of money, I know that there's no perfect time or monies to have a baby--otherwise the population probably would have died out by now.  I do feel that it is best decision for me right now (and my future kiddo(s) ).  Sorry to have kept you out of the loop, but I really needed to make sure that this is what I needed to do.  I also know I look at this blog as if it was not my own and think "Come on woman, just do something--make up your mind!!!"  Sorry!!!  

So for now it's just another layover on my way to Mommyville, but gosh darn it I will get there sometime ;)

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