Monday, October 28

It's That Time of Year

Already, the holiday season is upon us.  For me, as many of you know, it brings such great joy.  I love this weather, well minus loads of white stuff ;)  The beautiful sunrises and sunsets that try to keep up with the vibrancy and blaze of the changing leaves.  I love the way God paints it all anew each day.  The snap of cold in the air, that crisp breeze as it sweeps across your cheeks.  The smell of bonfires that makes the air feel a bit heavier and full.

I've enjoyed the annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  This year is was just my sister, Mimi, and her three littles.  It was quite chilly that day, but we all had so much fun.  I can't wait until I'm bringing my own little one to play in the corn pit, jump on the air "pillows", riding the hayrack ride to find the perfect pumpkin, and all the fun things in between.

I also can't wait to be able to take them door to door trick-or-treating.  I'm already wondering just what s/he/they might want to be.  Will s/he/they want to be a princess like their cousins or perhaps Thor (I hear he's pretty ;)  ).

Then to be able to give Thanks for having him/her/them home and sitting around the table at Thanksgiving.  Ooohh, maybe a kid's table will even be involved ;)

It will be so much fun to have a little one to decorate the home for at Christmas time.  To ooohh and aaahhh over how pretty the Christmas tree looks all lit up at night.  Someone of my own to teach the story of Baby Jesus to.  I already know I'll be crying over through as I try to sing along to "Silent Night" at church on Christmas Eve.  Okay, so I already get teary during it without a little one, I'll try to not full out bawl when the time comes. To have someone here, for real, that I can buy and wrap presents for.  To see the wonder of it all again.

I've really been thinking about Grace again.  I'm not sure I will ever be able to get the "Your daughter is in China" voice/thought out of my head.  Nor do I really want to.  She has once again become my future focus point.  Getting out of debt so that I can trust in the Lord to provide the rest and let me finally see the little face I've been thinking and praying about for years now.  The one that my heart and soul knows, but my eyes want to see and my arms long to hold.

What a holiday season that one will be :)

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